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posted by princelvr123
 (random pic lol)
(random pic lol)
people: me(nicole), prince, jaffar(will be और people later on.

it is the first दिन of 8th grade and i have no friend,ofcourse. but i know what is going on around the school without friends. i keep on hearing people say "the jackson kids are going to our school!". im a big प्रशंसक of michael jackson. i didnt think alot of people are प्रशंसकों that are at my school considering they make fun of michael. i think the people कहा the jackson's are coming here tommorow! maybe i should just keep to my self and have them find me.
next day:
stupid पढ़ना is my first hour. prince and jaffar are in my class. i...
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posted by bigmanguy
june 31 2005, we don't live at neverland anymore because dad says it's not a घर ever since everthing that happened with the trial. now we live pretty much everywhere until dad finds us a new house. dad wants to हटाइए to ireland and i think that would be cool. were घर schooled so it does not matter if we move.

july 7, dad was walking द्वारा my room and walked in. i was hanging out with a friend and was gone. he saw that in the new house i did not put up any of my toy story posters. i am stil a huge tomboy. dad looked at my walls and they were coverd चोटी, शीर्ष to bottem with posters of n-sync. i have...
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posted by 12251
june 1, even thought i am only 4 i am staying true to my word. i truelly want to follow in my fathers footsteps. daddy started training me to sing and dance like him.

i was watching some of daddys संगीत वीडियो when we got to the आप are not alone video i कहा daddy i want my hair to look like yours in that video. i have dark brown hair that goes down to my sholders. he कहा do आप want to dye it black like mine. i कहा ya but, i dont want the bangs. my mouth droped because of what daddy said. he कहा come on if thats what आप want lets do it. i कहा really daddy. he कहा yup, he went to the...
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posted by SophiaPrinceLuv
हे guys this is my first प्रशंसक fic story so plz टिप्पणी दे and p.s i dont take critisisam very well
Sophia 14
Lucas 13
Abby 14
Paris 13
Prince 14
Niki 14
Rafeal 14

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!."Ugh shut up stupid alarm clock" i कहा while trying to turn of my alarm clock.
" Sophia, get ready its time for school" my mom said."Just a few मिनटों later mom" i said. "Come on आप dont want to be late for school again, they कहा one और tardy and आप get a week of detention"she said. I got up quickly, took a shower, got dressed, ran down stairs, ate half a waffle with only 20 मिनटों to spare."come...
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posted by princemjforlife
Juliet's P.O.V.

Okay so maybe giving up Prince wasn't the brightest idea.

But आप should've saw the looks on Kelly's face!! Everytime she heard the name Prince her face lit up and her eyes were full of love.

Hey, प्यार makes आप do crazy things.

So I'm getting Kelly ready for him, maybe a mini dress? Okay I know, I know, I know, I'm a tomboy, I may not like to dress या want to dress like this but that sure as hell doesn't mean I don't know how to डिज़ाइन clothes well as hair, accessories, and makeup!. She had great blonde hair that hanged straight but would look great wavy. Her eyes need to pop...
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posted by parislanagirl
Once like i always dreamed i was living in a country where आप cant sing but when i went to the united states i went to practice for singings to michael jackson songs so i went for my first संगीत कार्यक्रम with justin bieber and sang michael jackson hits and then we became really so close and once we did a conceret in ecino so i was really excitied cause i knew michael jackson kids lived there so once i was walking with justin and my bodyguard as well so द्वारा accident prince and i kinda pushed each other back then the pepsi in my hand was all over my कमीज, शर्ट then prince कहा "Oh oops iam really sorry"...
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posted by lovepink
It was monday morning. I woke up to the sound of birds chirrping out of my open window.
"Mom? Dad?" I yelled slightly as I walked out of my room onto the cold hardwood flooring of the hallway. No response. I realized it was a work दिन and gave out a little sigh. I was alone. Again. I walked into the kitchen, made myself some scrambled eggs and gulped them down. Somewhere inbetween all of the preparing and eating, I decided I would go kayaking in the private lake we had in the backyard. My grandparents were filthy rich and when they passed away, they left most of their fortune to my mother....
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-I'm skipping acouple months cuz i want Nicole to start walking!-

(Nicole's POV)

I have physical therapy today. I have been going for acuople months now. It was boring. But i guess being in a pool most of the time is fun.

"Are आप ready, honey?" Mam'ma asked. I was sitting on the couch, waiting to go.

"Yuppers!" I grabbed my crutches and went off. My arm healed first, but it still kindof hurts. As long as i'm लेखन and drawing i can heal even faster. Prince came द्वारा to give me a kiss. I kissed him back.

"Don't get hurt." He said. I promised and we left.

"Okay, are आप ready to start in the pool?"...
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posted by IrisGloomy
The चित्रो being "leaked" of the Jackson children were PRIVATE चित्रो from our visit that were emailed ONLY to Grace for the purpose of them being shared with Paris, Prince, Omer, Taj and Ms. Katherine. As when we were together on our visit, my camera had चित्रो of all of them (from iFly, etc...) and I told them I would ई मेल ONLY Grace the copies as I did not have their ई मेल address. Grace’s ई मेल account was hacked the same दिन the first चित्र came out! (This too was पोस्टेड on Graces फेसबुक page when it occurred.) Grace also had NOTHING to do with any of these leaks! Whomever wanted...
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Celebrity commentary: Paris and Prince Jackson being groomed to continue the Jackson family डिनेस्टी
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of 2 Write now लेख Tools द्वारा Priscilla Benfield
The idea that Paris and Prince Jackson are being groomed to continue the Jackson family डिनेस्टी is a sad thought. Did the family not learn anything from Michael's life? Why would they want these precious children to attempt to repeat history? Is this really what Michael would have wanted for his children?

Michael Jackson was groomed to perform from a very young age. There is no सवाल that he gave up a normal childhood...
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
I grew up from the time I was eleven on this fanclub and its become somewhat of a ghost town. This club has लॉस्ट all the old fans. Most of आप weren't प्रशंसकों before Michael died, या द्वारा the time the funeral came या when Prince and Paris spoke at the grammys. But I was and I'd say those were like the best two years of my life. I loved Prince so deeply and thought I knew him but I really didn't and when he came on twitter my mind was blown cause he was totally diffrent but the thing is I liked him even और then. Then people were all crazed cause he got his hair cut and now all anyone cares about...
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posted by bigmanguy
December 15, 2009, today is my 1st VIP प्रशंसक experience and I can’t wait to meet some of my प्रशंसकों backstage. I left the stage after the संगीत कार्यक्रम and went backstage to wait for them. I was listening to my आइपॉड when the staff let a group of girls in and there was a 4 साल old boy with his father. I didn’t notice them because I scrolling through my songs. Uncle Frank said” हे A.J, out with the ear buds आप have visitors. I pulled them out and said” sorry about that guys”. I said” आप can come over and sit अगला to me”. The three girls sat on the सोफ़ा, सोफे with me and the little boy said”...
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posted by Maskiiyah

This isn't actually maskiiyah lols.
This is actually Ataahua Haenga, her cousin. I have a page, Mystic_Magenta but I forgot to sign my cousin out and now the sotry that was meant to be under my name is under hers. So im using my ocusins page lols. Believe it या Not lmao!

Anyway, i saw that i had two टिप्पणियाँ on I need to know saying i hsould do number 1 but then number 2? I dunno so i guess ill do both lols.

Characters: Daniella "Ella" Kellinson (7)
Paris Jackson (13)
Prince Michael Jackson (14)
Jaafar Jackson (14)
Nikita "Niki" Anderson (Lols shes 13)
Blanket Jackson (9)
Alyssa Shouse...
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(I'm just going to skip to the साल Paris is born)
March 29, 1998
My name is Prince Michael Jackson, But people call me Prince.My Daddy takes very good care of me and sometimes my Mommy helps too.I'm one years old, today daddy कहा in six days I was going to have a baby sister.I was very excited.

Nine months later...April 3, 1998
(Michael's pov)
Today paris was born.It was very beautiful, but she came out facing the wrong way.The inbilable cord was kind of choking her.After they cut off the cord I snatched her and ran, when I got घर I washed her off.The news got out that I had to children and...
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Michael Jackson's two oldest children -- Prince Michael, 13, and Paris, 12 -- began their studies at a traditional school last Wednesday -- their first experience outside of homeschooling. But before they could hit the पुस्तकें like "normal" kids, Prince and Paris had to first win over their skeptical grandmother, Katherine.

A family member close to the situation tells PopEater that Paris and Prince's legal guardian protested the idea of sending the sheltered kids to school, feeling their father would have disapproved. However, one of Jermaine Jackson's sons stepped in and encouraged Katherine...
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Janet has spent thousands of dollars to make क्रिस्मस special for Prince,Paris and Blanket.
She has insisted making क्रिस्मस :Day of fun.
It was to be quiet,sombre holiday this साल but Janet has stepped in to make it just like Michael did:fun.
Michael loved Christmas.He was like a big kid and now Janet has taken that on.
She have spent thousands on trees,decorations and the kind of toys.
Michael would have प्यार to be fooling around with on क्रिस्मस morning.
We all wish a happy क्रिस्मस to Prince,Paris and Blanket.
posted by bigmanguy
 the grammys
the grammys
January, 28, 2010, I have been working a lot lately and it starting to hit me. I can’t get the sound of screaming प्रशंसकों out of my head and am living off of 4 hours of sleep a night!!! I just got done filming two संगीत वीडियो in a row and I’m physically drained!!! It has gotten to the point where coffee does not even work anymore. I got up and looked at my text messages. There was one from Chris that said” I प्यार आप have a good day…I’ll be thinking of you”. I replied knowing that he would not answer back because he is at school. Uncle Frank walked out of his bedroom and said” you...
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posted by 12251
march 15 today is my brithdy. daddy came running up the stairs to get me up he was so happy. he swung open my bedroom door swiped me out of my पालना and into his arms. he कहा happy brithday sweetie. still in a daze of sleep i hugged my daddy. daddy let my stay in my pjs because it was my brithday. he carried me downstairs on his hip, he was still trying to get me happy for my brithday. when we got down the bend of the stairway daddy turned so i could see all gifts. daddy कहा lets go wake up grandma and grandpa for brefast. we went and woke them up and then sat down at the रसोई, रसोईघर तालिका, टेबल to...
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The doctor - who is facing manslaughter charges after being accused of administering a lethal amount of the anesthetic Propofol to Michael Jackson prior to his death on June 25, 2009 - reportedly plans to call Prince Michael, 13, and 12-year-old Paris to his trial अगला year.

He is कहा to believe the late 'King of Pop's offspring will reveal their father had long-standing addictions, and had been ill for months prior to his sudden death.

An insider explained to the News of the World newspaper: "If they back him it will work well in the eyes of a jury."

A preliminary hearing - which will see prosecutors...
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posted by princechick

Diana's POV

Shane finished the filming and put his camera down. He looked around, looking bored.
"So that is your best friend?" I asked, pointing to the camera. He giggled.
"Yeah. It listens to what I say." He कहा jokingly. We both giggled. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I took it out to see who it was. It was Prince. I sighed and read the text.
'I am sorry.' The text read. I looked at the screen and grimaced.
"You okay?" Shane asked, as he fiddled around with a napkin.
"Uh... yeah." I mumbled. Shane snorted and walked away. I took a deep breath and deleted the text.

*Three hours later*

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