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posted by Parksnrec
Ben and Leslie's wedding was my least प्रिय wedding on parks and rec. I hated it because it was out of the blue and quick. आप might say that Andy and April's या Ron and Diane's weddings were the same, but Ben and Leslie's wedding was at least planned. At least Andy and April's was not one bit planned and that added a bit of excitement. I was also really looking आगे to having some people reunite, like Mark. Don't get me wrong, I loved that they got married, but I would have liked it in a better way.
posted by giraffey79
I’ve learned so much from watching Parks and Recreation over the years. That jogging is the worst. That clear alcohols are for rich women on diets, and that, every so often, आप should ‘treat yo’ self’. But over the years, it’s also दिया us some inspirational tips on decorating.So I wrote this लेख on link for peeps to enjoy! It includes everything from Ron Swanson's देखा गया on पालना building to Chris Traeger's देखा गया on hall way presentation. And OF COURSE we talk about sparkle suds in there!
posted by nfactor823
Last night (February 21 2013) Was a special 1 घंटा episode of Parks and Recreation. Ben and Leslie got married three monthes early during the big Pawnee Commons party. None of their parents nor reletives where there. They only had two hours to get ready though. Ann made Leslie a dress and then attached her प्रिय Newspaper लेखाए to it. Ben and Chris went to go get some rings (Ron ended up making 2 rings in 20 mins) At the wedding, then Ron and Councilman Jamm ended up going to jail because Jamm ruined the wedding ceremony and Ron punched him in the face. The good thing was they bailed out Ron. Everyone decieded that they should go back to the office for a drink. Actually, everyone suprised Leslie द्वारा holding the wedding in the office. Then everyone fell asleep in Leslie's office (Except for Ben, Leslie, and Champion the Three legged dog) because they had to much booze. After then, Ben and Leslie went on their honeymoon in Hawhii.