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Some facts about each of the Straw Hat Pirates

*May contain spoilers

Monkey D. Luffy
Occupation: Pirate Captain
Bounty: 1.500,000,000 beli
Age: 19
Birthday: May 5
Height: 5'8½"
Devil Fruit: Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber)
Dream: To become the Pirate King
Colour: Red
Animal Resemblances: Monkey
Specific Smells: Smells like Meat
Favourite Type of Island and Season: Summer but considers snow to be great; Ultimately anywhere where there's meat
As a Family: Fourth son
Favourite Food: Meat

Roronoa Zoro
Occupation: Swordsman
Bounty: 320,000,000 beli
Birthday: November 11
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Dream: To become the...
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It's becoming और and और obvious that Monkey D Luffy is the future Pirate King, in the new opening song: "We Go" It shows Gol D Roger, the former Pirate King wearing Luffy's straw hat, then Shanks, who is one of the Yonko (not sure about spelling) and then Luffy.
Also his name; D, I keep hearing about the Will of D, but I'm still not sure what it is, but i think it has to do with becoming extremely powerful and having the ability to do the impossible and reach their dreams, I dunno, I'm just guessing.
Earlier on in the anime, when they were still in Logue Town, the bartender who once served...
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