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 Mirror, mirror on the screen, who are the best and worst actors on the show?
Mirror, mirror on the screen, who are the best and worst actors on the show?
I thought of this while I was doing my मतदानो about the best villain actors on the show. It also made me think of the Nostalgia Critic's best and worst Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes videos. So I decided to do a सूची of the best and worst actors on the show. Now, I would like to make ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR! Just because someone is in the worst list, it DOESN'T mean that I think they're a bad actor, just that I think that they're अभिनय isn't as good as the others. Because I think the अभिनय in Once Upon A Time is absolutely brilliant. So here is my सूची of both the worst of the best...
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I've been meaning to create this लेख ever since Ariel had appeared on Once Upon A Time and I never got to it until now. At least now I'll be able to have a stable सूची until season 5 comes around. These characters are my personal प्रिय and I might make my चोटी, शीर्ष 10 WORST characters सूची sometime. But for now, it's the चोटी, शीर्ष favorites. Anyway, keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion, so don't be rude. Enjoy!

 The heart, soul, and faith of the truest belief
The heart, soul, and faith of the truest belief

I know that this is actually a very unpopular opinion because no one besides me has him as one of their favorites....
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