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posted by Trixta947
"Why is he so indifferent?" they first ask.
As आप go throgh the anime, आप relize why Miharu is the way he is. He's afraid to lose someone he loves, so he tries to दिखाना no love.

Are we sometimes like him? i know i am. After i moved to a waaaayy different school all alone, i really didnt want and dont want to get to close 2 people for the fear of when they part, theyll hurt.


then there is yoite. he is wanting no प्यार for he cant give anything back.....anything back (echoe)

we sometimes (i do think that alot) think like yoite and that is why we can connect to this anime. but yes, we can give things back to the world.

though it seems the ones who are distant from the world come together..... MIHARU AND YOITE, BEST BUDDIES! even if yoite says he may kill miharu's friends.

i am alot like yoite and miharu (except a shinobi...if only) and i really like the ऐनीमे and manga. it is recommended for people who like awesomeness.

PS Yoite rules!!!