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To my one and only Mira<3

I honestly don't know where to begin because I have so much to say so I'm just going for it and hope आप like what I have to say.

First we have known each other for some years now and through them we have had our ups and downs and even लॉस्ट touch with each other but we have always found our way back to each other and I couldn't be और happy about that because now not only do I have a best friend but I have a sister who is known as my wife and I wouldn't change it for anything.

You have been there for me through everything and always listened to what I have had to...
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 My HayleyTwin♥
My HayleyTwin♥
I honestly just don't know where to start this because I have so much to say but here it goes

On this site two years पूर्व we met and I still remember it when
I saw your wallpost I thought why does this girl want to talk to me?
But as time went on and we started to talk और we become so
close and found out that we had so many things in common
and since then we have just got closer and closer every single day
Now we are so many celebs together and I can't imagine my life
without आप in it. आप have done so much for me over the past
two years and have always been there for me and I'm thankful for
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posted by Vamp_Fan_25
(I am sorry if this is really crap I am लेखन it on my iPad :P)
but that is not important because it is your birthday!
I was honestly so happy when आप told me आप were excited for your birthday for once! आप deserve to have a magnificent day, आप damn well deserve और than most bitches. hehe
I can not believe आप are already 17 :O when I first knew you, आप were 14 and we first talked आप were 15! can आप believe that is two years that we have talked to each other? And even though I have never met आप before आप are like a sister to me.
I saw a video of this girl at my...
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posted by rusher29
 आप deserve him! <3
You deserve him! <3
This लेख is for my beautiful friend Mira.
Mira…I प्यार आप so freaking much! Words can’t describe how much आप mean to me.
You’ve always been there for me. When I’m sad या sick, आप make me feel so much better!
It would take forever to write how much आप mean to me.
I first met आप on your old account and when I found out that your account no longer existed…I was crushed.
Every time I see a दीवार post from you…it makes me so happy!
Mira…I प्यार आप so much…you deserve a guy like Liam.
If anyone ever hurts my princess, आप would be in big trouble with me.
आप are swee, beautiful, caring, loving, adorable and so much more!
You're the Liam to my Niall.
I प्यार आप forever Mira!!!
 प्यार आप forever! <3
Love you forever! <3
posted by Vamp_Fan_25
Okay so I know I write an लेख not long पूर्व about the beautiful, Mira but I feel there is so much और I can say!

So firstly if आप don't know Mira, आप are missing out!You have to click link right now!!

She will put a smile on your face and boost your mood like no one else can.If आप ever feel down या lonely she is the girl to talk to.She a;ways has the right thing to say.So I guess it would make me the luckiest girl in the world to know her.

A special my life, when I met her I never knew that she would be the important beautiful person I know in my life today.I am so glad I met her.Talking...
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posted by Snoopy_Sophie
 the friendship bracalets I wanna give आप :)
the friendship bracalets I wanna give you :)
hey Mira
You mean the world to me आप know?
Somebody, who's sweet, beautiful, lovely and unique
It's just gotta be आप <3
You're my DJ Payne and I'm your Curly Zaynie
You helped me when I was down
I can talk with आप forever
You're so kind and nice

~~You're one in a million, babe :)~~

You're even sweeter than sugar
You know?
To me, Mira means

M: Makes a difference in my life.
I: Important to me
R: Raises my spirits.
A: Accepts me as I am.

all that perfect things, all just talk about आप babe
the one that I call "MIRA"

It's the least I can do for आप babe :)
thanks for adding at first and being my friend

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posted by aNNalovechuck
Hey Mira Babe.

Have I ever tell आप that you
mean loads to me ?
Well if I didnt , I do now.

I know आप long long time..
But this महीना आप came to
my life like a little तितली and
then I realize how आप meaning
to me.

We are like Liam and
Niall :)

आप are Liam. and
the reason is obvious.
आप are litterally one of most
nice people on earth.
Everyone can see it , your दिल is
made द्वारा umm GOLD! haha , आप are
an angel. totally..

The thing is that आप
care for me ..
आप really do. and its really hard
find someone who care about you.
so thanks for being in my life :')xx

आप couldnt be better. Smile ,
आप are the best.
Never change..

Love आप :**
posted by S8rah
 आप are My Cher
You are My Cher
Miraaa My तितली आप are a great friend to me and आप mean the world to me I couldn't Imagine My फैन्पॉप without आप because everytime I see your wallpost आप make my फैन्पॉप shine

When I first Spoke to आप I thought आप were an amazing girl and I feel so lucky to have आप as one of my best फ्रेंड्स on fanpop

आप are not just my तितली आप are
- My Angel
- My World
- My Sister
and most of all My Princess
आप always know what to say when I am down and how to make me smile And I प्यार आप for that

We have a strong bond and I never want that to be broken because I wouldn't know what to do because आप mean so much to me

Your My world Mira I प्यार आप and never ever forget that!
 Our Friendship grows Stronger everyday
Our Friendship grows Stronger everyday
 I प्यार आप My तितली forever and always
I love you My Butterfly forever and always
posted by Vamp_Fan_25
Hey Mira just लेखन this to say how gorgeous and sweet आप are, ok?

Babe when I first met you, आप weren't known as Miraaa आप were BriLiam.And something I remeber from then was how much I LOVED your icons.Then आप became LiamPaynex for a little while but not long after that I didn't see आप again...

But know your back and seeing आप brought a smile to my face :))

Now we are awesome फ्रेंड्स and encourage me come on फैन्पॉप and check your दीवार post!!

Everyone that meets आप loves you, as they should and are instantly चार्म्ड द्वारा you.I mean आप wouldn't be?

आप mean so much to me ok babe?Remember that!! xx

आप are a very special girl and I am so glad I met आप MIRA!!

प्यार आप now, then & always <33
 I will stick द्वारा आप forever <33
I will stick by you forever <33
ma kihyunniechan
luv ya
go mv