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posted by Mallory101
“Do आप know what I find incredibly infuriating?”

“No, Morgana,” says Arthur, studiously glaring at his fingernails. “What do आप find infuriating?”

“Men,” she declares, with all the stately aplomb that she can muster. “They’re horrible and miserable and did I mention infuriating?”

“No,” says Arthur. “Only three या four million times.”

Curled with her knees under her chin, Morgana pauses for a moment to reflect on this statement of fact. “That doesn’t make it untrue,” she finally concludes, and silence settles over them in the darkness of the hut.

There is a...
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First I have to say that the Merlin fandom is the best fandom I've joined in a while. It's amazing, there's so little wank and it has some of the most creative and best fics I've seen so far!

I know some people on फैन्पॉप don't care for fic, but there's others that do like fic, and so I've compiled a सूची of fic I loved very much.
I have at least 44 fics saved in my memories on LiveJournal, so this is a VERY short part of it.
I'm not quite sure of Fanpop's policy on linking fic, so the highest rating I'm linking to is R, not NC-17. The ratings are always above the fic (except for one, I can't...
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