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On August 20, BMI Records, Universal Republic, and XIX Entertainment hosted a luncheon and a special musical presentation at BMI with Lisa Marie Presley. She is intelligent, insightful, and can be very silly. We sat down with her and asked her सवालों she called “interesting” and “great” – and sometimes made her fall over in her seat.
What is the dumbest सवाल आप have ever been asked?
“You know, I have been asked everything. It seems nothing is off limits when it comes to me. Rude, sick, invasive … and I don’t even want to go there. It’s just impossible to narrow it down.”...
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posted by Vexi
It kind of looks like we won't make it, my friend.
And it looks like आप can't take it again, my friend.
And all the pretty गुलाब wilted up and paled themselves away today.
The गिलोटिन of truth has fallen, somehow I'm the one आप blame.

This can't be happening.
Not so fast, I'm so mean.
I can't stay indifferent.
Because I know the outcome.
And I'm the target for the daggers.

That the truth's thrown your way, today.
And the अगला one maybe she'll be easier.
She'll make it go away, hey.
She's still calling you.
I'm still calling him.
Can we do this.
Here we go again.
The package.
The baggage.

This can't be happening.
Not so fast, I'm so mean.
I can't stay indifferent.
Because I know the outcome.
This can't be happening.
It started out not so clean.
आप chose your path.
Mine's wrong, आप can say that.
A very pregnant Lisa Marie Presley decided to दिखाना off to the world she looks great and wants people to know those unflattering चित्रो and rumors of her unhealthy diet are just rude and uncalled for. Lisa thinks the paparazzi have set some kind of campaign to make her look bad:

“They want me to be him,” she tells the magazine, referring to her father, Elvis Presley. “It’s like they can’t wait.” Presley claims “the tabloids were going so far as to alter photos. I could never figure out why they went to all that trouble to make me look fat.

“There are at least six other famous women...
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posted by EimieRose
The social lives of iconic fashion designers often involve relationships with pop stars, photographers, and supermodels—relationships which usually manifest after the designer has made it to the चोटी, शीर्ष of the industry. But Anna Sui’s close bonds with the likes of Madonna, Steven Meisel, Linda Evangelista, and Naomi Campbell existed long before she ever sent a dress down the runway—which she finally did in 1991, thanks in part to the encouragement of the four aforementioned figures.

Sui, who was born in Detroit, Michigan, and came to New York to study fashion at Parsons, lives and breathes...
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Lisa Marie Presley is one of the people who perhaps knows Michael Jackson the best. The two were only married for 20 months in the mid-nineties, but she’s one of the few people who was a part of Michael’s small bubble. This morning, Lisa wrote an entry on her Myspace blog entitled “He Knew,” which touches upon Michael’s fear he had about his own death. The entry reads:

“He Knew.

Years पूर्व Michael and I were having a deep conversation about life in general. I can't recall the exact subject matter but he may have been questioning me about the circumstances of my Fathers Death.

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Lisa Marie Presley figured it out. It wasn’t easy. It involved a lot of learning and growth. It encompassed personal turmoil and deep loss. But in the end it boiled down to a key epiphany that ultimately provides the answer posed in the शीर्षक सवाल of her confidently compelling new album Now What.

The moment came while she was touring behind her brash 2003 सोना debut, To Whom It May Concern. It had been a whirlwind experience, flying hither and thither on a hectic promotional schedule, putting a band together, making her public performance debuts in front of millions on national television...
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Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley credits Michael Lockwood, her current husband, for helping her cope with Michael Jackson’s untimely death
Lisa Marie Presley, who was married for Michael Jackson for two years between 1994 and 1996, was crushed upon hearing about the untimely death of her former husband.

Since Michael Jackson’s death in June, Lisa Marie Presley has found comfort in her current beau, Michael Lockwood, to help her through this tragic moment.

Following Michael Jackson’s death, Lisa Marie Presley said, “I am so very sad and confused with every emotion possible....
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LOS ANGELES -- A nanny for Lisa Marie Presley has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, claiming she's been overworked caring for Presley's twin babies.

Christine White says she became the primary caregiver for the children several weeks after Presley gave birth to Finley and Harper on October 7, 2008.

White claims she wasn't दिया breaks for meals, and was forced to work seven days a week without overtime pay.

She says she didn't even get 10 मिनट breaks during her workdays.

Presley calls the claims ridiculous and says she paid White $650 a day. She even says White had her own guest house...
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posted by anouk1998
Lyrics: S.O.B.

You say I seem so grim. Darling do आप forgive me. I went out on a limb. ‘cause I needed to be. Near the fireflies flying high above me. Then I hit the sky and it fell down on me. आप कहा it wasn't sharp but I cut my finger. आप कहा it just wouldn't burn and I scarred my face. आप know I bite my nails, my skin and my fingers. And I've heard that's my liver, my nerves and my brain. I कहा I just like to bite on my fucking fingers. Do आप have another intelligent answer for me today. आप कहा it wasn't sharp but I cut my finger. आप कहा it just wouldn't burn and I scarred my...
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[C] आप know I did something [G] right.
[b] Something that keeps me [emi] alive.
[C] Oh आप sweet little [G] babies.
[b] When आप came आप [emi] let me know.
[A] I was finally [E] happy.
[b] आप knew me be[E]fore now didn't y[A]ou.
God you're so lo[E]vely.
[b] Did आप come here to [E] help me.


[C] And I know आप can't sleep [G] well.
[b] Unless I'm right there अगला to [emi] you.
[C] Oh आप take care of [G] mommy too.
[b] You're so quick to de[emi]fend me aren't you.
[A] God you're so [E] lovely yes आप [b] are.
You came here to [E] save me didn't [A] you.
You came...
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Lisa Marie Presley has been staying out of the public eye as of late, but has decided to come out in the open about a topic close to he heart, which is Scientology.

She took to her Myspace Celebrity blog to unleash her feelings about how the world देखा गया the religion, which she is a believer in.

She also took time to acknowledge John Travolta and his family, with whom Lisa कहा she is very close with, and sympathized with them at this difficult time. Here’s part of her blog entry.

On John and Kelly losing their son Jett:
“My दिल is crying and bleeding for them. I personally would not have...
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 God's Gonna Cut आप Down video
God's Gonna Cut You Down video
Name: In The Ghetto w/ Elvis
Release: August 16th, 2007
Director: Tony Kaye
Location: New Orleans

[Johnny Cash's video]
Name: God's Gonna Cut आप Down
Release: November 9th, 2006
Director: Tony Kaye

Name: Idiot
Album: Now What
Release: November 2nd, 2005
Director: Patrick Hoelck

Name: Dirty Laundry
Album: Now What
Release: Week of March 21st, 2005
Director: Patrick Hoelck
Producer: Billy Parks
Editor: Steve Rees

Name: Sinking In
Album: To Whom It May Concern
Release: July 2003
Director: Barnaby Roper

Name: Lights Out
Album: To Whom It May Concern
Release: February 2003
Director: Francis Lawrence

Name: आप Are Not Alone
Album: HIStory (Michael Jackson)
Release: July 28th, 1995
Director: Wayne Isham
 Sinkin' In video
Sinkin' In video
posted by Vexi
Please remember me forever
Believe in me as someone
Who's never gonna wish आप well

I'm gonna tell आप what I think about आप in that unforgivable way I do
You're an idiot
And I hate your guts
I guess I'm about as happy for आप as I would be a cockroach in my food
I know it's terrible
I really hate आप though

Do आप have your fairytale lie
Or are आप dancing to the white trash twist
Oh please remember me
Believe in me as someone
Who's never gonna wish आप well

I heard the thing that आप hate about me almost everyday, but आप still wouldn't leave
I had to pull the plug
Ooh, I hated your guts
And I heard the...
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posted by Vexi
A newspaper has been forced to apologize to Lisa Marie Presley – who is pregnant – over claims she was pursuing a poor diet like her late father, Elvis.

Last month, Britain's Daily Mail published a चित्र of Presley, dressed down and without makeup, eating with फ्रेंड्स in Los Angeles, and the accompanying लेख कहा she was "growing just like her dad."

Presley's lawyers sued for libel, and on Friday the newspaper printed an apology: "On March 4 we published a photograph of Lisa Marie Presley while she was dining with friends. We suggested she might have an unhealthy appetite similar to...
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If आप can't even stop the symptoms
Then why in the hell do आप drug the children
The others can make their own decisions
And with some help from आप they become dependant

You should be sorry 'cause आप let them down
But आप become a big part of their lives
They always trust आप but they're dying out
I've seen the things आप do it blows my mind

There's a doctor on every campus now
And he's gonna tell आप what you're feeling
Momma wants आप to निगलना, निगल, निगल संकलन this down
It's gonna make आप sit still and listen

I'm sorry children आप don't have the choice
Your parents gave आप something way back when...
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posted by Vexi
 Rock it, LMP!
Rock it, LMP!
तारीख, दिनांक - Venue - Location

July 11th - Fleet Boston Pavilion - Boston, MA (with Chris Isaak)
July 12th - Cape Cod Melody Tent - Hyannis, MA (with Chris Isaak)
July 13th - Merrill Auditorium - Portland, ME (with Chris Isaak)
July 15th - Hampton समुद्र तट Casino Ballroom - Hampton, NH
July 16th - Westbury संगीत Fair - Westbury, NY (with Chris Isaak)
July 17th - Amphitheater at Station Square - Pittsburgh, PA (with Chris Isaak)
July 19th - Trump मरीना - Atlantic City, NJ (with Chris Isaak)
July 20th - The Stone टट्टू - Asbury Park, NJ
July 21st - Beacon Theater - New York, NY (with Chris Isaak)
July 23rd -...
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posted by anouk1998
Lyrics: I’ll Figure It Out

Boat rocking trouble maker
Non conforming shit starter
Rebel DNA pirate spirit

It took me all my life
To finally figure out
That I’m not in the mood
To be anything like you
Maybe it’s alright
And maybe not
I’ll conduct my choir
I’ll figure it out

Truth seeker big bullshit detector
The point is made but not well received
Plastic फूल whatever

It took me all my life
To finally figure out
That I’m not in the mood
To be anything like you
Maybe it’s alright
And maybe not
I’ll conduct my choir
I’ll figure it out

And I, आप know I tell the truth
Even if आप wanna...
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[Ami] आप were a million miles [D] behind
And I was crying every time I'd leave आप
Then I didn't want to see [a] आप
I still keep my watch two hours [D] behind

[G] Someone turned the [Emi] lights out there in [D] Memphis
[G] That's where my [b] family's buried and [D] gone
[G] Last time I was [b] there I noticed a [C] अंतरिक्ष left
Next to them there in [G] Memphis. In the damn back [D] lawn

[Ami] I didn't know that I was in the [D] crowd
And the fresh cut घास stopped growing
Everything on my shelf has [Ami] fallen
I still keep my watch two hours [D] behind

[G] Someone turned the [Emi]...
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posted by the_best_Lover
To say that I miss आप as much as आप miss me is an understatement.
I am sorry it has been so long since I have पोस्टेड anything.

I spent the first months of this new साल quitting smoking (cold नितंब, गधा turkey) and आप wouldn't have wanted to hear anything from me at that time anyway. I didn't want to hear from me. It was unbearable being in my own skin. The absolute hardest thing I have ever done. It took MONTHS to overcome the drug's powerful pull but, understanding what the process is and what nicotine does helped me fight and finally win.

If anyone wants good insight about this for yourself...
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posted by Vexi
Well, what do we have here Daddy.
The lights are quickly changing.
Will I leave your दिल along with the phone lines you're erasing.
A spineless ending.
Well, who would have guessed dear daddy.
Turned out to be a coward.
When I turned my back आप cut my throat it bled for hours.
Was that your power.

You, you're the lovely victim again.
You, well your दिल is breaking.
You are the only one let down.
Are आप really now.
Well, soon here we'll have dear Daddy with the अगला one on her knees.
And she's gonna call him daddy like the rest of them, like me.
How easy it will be Replacing me.
And what's that...
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