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 Lady GaGa & Mel
Lady GaGa & Mel
Our मंच administrator Mel had a chance to meet Lady GaGa before her first “Monster Ball” दिखाना in Chicago! She gave her the GagaDaily प्रशंसक book with over 300 submissions from our readers! Lady GaGa loved it and told Mel that she wants to use some of the entries for her अगला album प्रशंसक art section! Check out some चित्रो and read the full story below!

Mel: “Holding the fanbook and the page I wanted her to autograph as tight as I could to my chest, I was holding my breath and trying so hard not to cry. I managed not to cry for the length of time we were waiting for GaGa to शामिल होइए us in the...
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I always thought it was you,
You always thought it was me.
We always thought we were it,
Seemed like a real perfect fit,
Those Brooklyn Nights set us free.

I always thought even though,
We were so young we could grow.
Up in the end it'd be us,
We'd take the F द्वारा the bus,
Where Brooklyn Nights set us free.

It's not that I don't wanna प्यार आप (wanna प्यार you),
It's not that I'm really over it, आप know (you know).
It's just that I can't watch us bleed to death,
When we used to be,
Brooklyn Nights happy.

[Verse 2]
I miss our cheap chandalier,
'Member when dad hung it there?
And we would watch Rocky IV,...
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