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 Celia Hanajima
Celia Hanajima
Celia's P.O.V

"dad, Do I really need to come?" I asked
Of course! All your फ्रेंड्स are going to be there!" my dad says
"But, I wanted to stay in America for the summer!'
"Well too bad" he says
Im Celia Hanajima! Part American, Part Japanese.
My dad's making me go to बेब्लेड summer camp.
"alright dear, were here!" I cam out of the car and got my stuff.
"seeya dad" I किस him goodbye and he drives off.
"wow...this place is soo cool"
Then I saw Masamune, Zeo and Toby.
"Hey guys! They turn and I wave.
"Cece!" Zeo shouts and I hug all 3 of them
"Im so glad आप made it!" Masamune shouts
"Hey Celia! आप made...
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Rima: there is kyoya चुंबन a girl
Nagi : I do not care let us have fun
Yaya : ya
Amu:let us play volley ball
Everyone ya
Rima let us play in the water
Everyone ya
Amu:let us eat ice cream
Everyone ok
Nagi :let us sit down
Nagi: I need your Apennine
Amu: about
Nagi wich boy is better for me to तारीख, दिनांक
Yaya: did they ask you
Nagi no but I will ask them
Rima ok
Amu how about ryuga his hot
Nagi he is hot but he is kind tuff
Yaya : how about masmunea
Nagi he is nice but आप seem to like him
Rima:how about tsubasa
Nagi: आप like him आप think I don not know
After a long time of how about
Rima :we told...
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'owooo ,owoo,owoo'.Nikora yelled as Demore was wrapping a band-aid around an ankle.'Stop moving या i won't be able to लपेटें this properly'. He said.

'Well then stop hurting me'. Nikora said.'Oky its done'. Demore said,'I think आप should rest'.Nile suggested.'Yeah , I should'. Nikora agreed.She closed her eyes and the three boys stared at her. 'What? Can't a girl get rest'. She asked.

'Sorry, go to sleep'. Nile कहा and left.

Just then Nikora started to dream about someone hitting the दीवार and trying to break into the house.She woke up and she knew she she was'nt d dreaming , she spotted Nile and...
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Nazumi was in the coffe खरीडिए using her computer when kyoya walks in. "Hey sexy!" He smirked "Oh..hi!" She कहा "So watcha doing?" He asked " None of your buisnesss ya creep!" she कहा Then Kyoya kisses her as she kissed back. "Why do आप always किस me?" She asked."Well..we are going out.." He said. " I never कहा were going out!" she yelled." आप कहा आप loved me!" He said. "Yeah..okay" she कहा and left. Then these goons nearby stopped her. "Hey arent आप that girl who humiliated us the other day?"One guy asked.
She stood there in fright. "I-I did...cause आप were harrasing me!" she yelled....
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 Kyoya Tategami
Kyoya Tategami
The अगला दिन Nazumi and her sister Madoka are just at the B-pit hanging while madoka fixing her bey.
"What happened?" she asked looking at her. "Kyoya!! Thats what happened!!!" she कहा getting up from the couch. "You two need to stop before,one of yall's get hurt!!" she कहा handing her bey. "Swanei is back to normal and fit." "dont break her again!!"she said."Fine!!" she कहा leaving the room. Nazumi starts to lurk around the town when she bumps into someone. "hey....!!!" "What were आप go-?" she says as she gets cut off. "Well,well well!!! Nice to see आप out and about!!"Hyoma-san!!!' 'Is...
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tategami luka megurine
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'Need company?'. Tsubassa walked up to Nikora and asked.'Oh I did not see आप there'. Nikora कहा as she wiped the tears of her face.

'Are आप crying?k. He asked 'No something went my eyes'. Nikora replied.

'No आप are hiding something tell me what happened?'. Tsubassa asked. 'Really i was't crying'. She said.

'Nikora tell me what happened?'. Tsubassa asked.'Da shan left us he thinks I am the one who want's to hurt Kyoya'. Nikora sobbed.

' I believe आप Nikora now stop crying and calm down. I know आप did not do it आप just have to catch the culprit and we will help'. Tsubassa said. Nikora stopped...
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 kyoya with new fang leone
kyoya with new fang leone
kyoya starts training rite away! "hey nile!" kyoya sais. "what?!" nile shouts from a far distance. "how about this आप handle the biker gang I'll handle my brother." kyoya yells back "hey guys what do आप want to eat सूप या nice crunchy carrot?" demure says. सूप with a hamburger! benkei says "but it wasn't on the menu!" demure yells. get it... now demure now! benkei yells! "aaawwww! a कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला i,ll name him fluffy!" my name is hukoyu and my owner is hyoma!

अगला chapter...

"hey kakeru i have trained and now inwill win little bro!" kyoya says "nile go get the biker gang three two one let it rip!" nile and kyoya shout! "roar leone... what's happening i think i'll call him fang leone!" "fang leone tare him limb from limb until he cries!" 2 मिनटों later... "that was easier then i thought!"kyoya announced "yep it sure was!" now what is this fang leone. nile said. to be continued...
 benkei has a pet कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला
benkei has a pet puppy
 kyoya and nile
kyoya and nile
kyoya tategami
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