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Kim Hyun Joong's MV for "Unbreakable" ft. नीलकंठ, जय, जे Park
किम ह्यून जूंग
नीलकंठ, जय, जे park
के पॉप
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English Translation:
If आप want to regret, don't believe
And if आप are hesitating, don't come near
Baby, I I I I Luv It
Baby, I I I I Luv It
I'm just not that kind of person who think it through
I I I I Luv it, Baby, I I I I Luv it

Baby,try to give it to me
You make it
Try to feel it a little और
Can आप take it
Can आप take it
Feel it
The falling rhythm So crazy
In this raging moment
Just break it, break it
Break it down, down down

Blazing कल्पना
That trembling gesture of yours
No No I I I I Luv it
Baby I I I I Luv it
Turn around through the wondering imaginations
I can't tolerate this...
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किम ह्यून जूंग
break down
English Translation:
Yeah, किस kiss

Like a long dream, like a star, I waited for you
No one else in this world, nothing’s better

The leisure of a cup of coffee
The steps leading me towards you
Are all joys I’ve become familiar with
This isn’t me
I’ve never been this way before
It’s because it’s you

Oh, I won’t stop
I’m loving you
So we can draw a dream of lasting color
To प्यार with you
Only आप can provide this magic for us

Kiss kiss
I want your किस kiss
Sweet किस kiss
Oh, baby, baby
I wanna किस kiss
I need your किस kiss
Just the two of us, किस kiss
Oh, baby, baby

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English Translation:


Mic check 1,2

Let Me Clear My Throat

Let Me Get This Ready

3, 2, 1,

Let’s Go

Hey It feels great

Today is perfect

But it feels it’s going to get bigger

Let’s get it

Hey I’m feeling great

That familiar flash light shining on me

Let’s get it

You know the way I do it

Let’s play around here a little more

Sorry for that

Let’s have some और fun starting from now

Because today I’m the lucky guy hey

High, High, High, High

Everyone jump in the sky

Shake It, Shake It,

Shake Shake It, Shake It, hey

High, High, High, High

Forgets everything in the sky

Shake It, Shake It,

Shake Shake It,...
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