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Maybe one दिन we can go

Hand in hand down a golden road

And if I get there before आप go

I'll be waiting at your door

In the future hopefully

We'll be together आप and me

Don't आप worry baby please, because honestly...

If I could rewind

Both the hands of time

Still I would never find

A lovelier design

Than you

Nothing's lovelier than you

Nothing's lovelier than you

Nothing's lovelier than you

Nothing's lovelier than you

Maybe one दिन girl I pray

We could float off to space

Hold my hand, I'll lead the way

I won't let go या fall astray

Ain't no ifs, buts and maybes

Your my baby, my lady

Don't आप worry baby please,...
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I met my alex on here on October 22, 2010 at 3:54 (went through my imbox for that info) something just fasinated me about him i was pulled to him like a magnet! and we talked for 6 days before we became a couple! but like the 2nd या 3rd दिन we were talking i started to fall in प्यार with him! tho i didnt know if he felt the same way! we talk constently those 6 days before hand! lolz from when he got घर til the time he had to go to bed! learning about each other और and और and my फ्रेंड्स they were like "What is he like ur boyfriend या something cuz u seem to be spending alot of him with...
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MmmmmMMMmmmmMMM ohohohoh yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeahehyeah

Thinkin back, to the feelin that I had when I first saw your face, I knew that it was you,
Some time has passed, and the feelings that I had before still are the sameee, cause आप never changed, nooo

Even though I dont दिखाना it girl, I just want आप to know, that even if we fight a million times over little things,
We can still make it better I meant what I कहा when I gave आप that promise ring, that imma प्यार आप forever,
I fall for आप deeper everyday, feel it now girl और than ever, but with our type of love, forever aint enough

I've been...
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I think this is the best thing that has ever happened before my eyes...i dont remember how it happened i just remember that Spunky नीलकंठ, जय, जे was like running to me sayn "i got a man i got a man!!" या something like that...lol आप do remember Spunky Jay? well im so glad Alex came into the picture and im glad he can belong to such a wonderful person as my lil sis , JAY! I have to admit out of all the couples i have seen in my life..you guys are the best and i aint fakin<3 i प्यार both of yall sooo much and आप guys take care of eachother and bring eachother up and be eachothers super heros:) i cant...
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lyrics to I Stay In प्यार / Mariah Carey

Oh baby
Baby, I stay in प्यार with you

Dying inside 'cause I can't stand it
Make या break up
Can't take this madness
We don't even really know why
All I know is baby
I try and try so hard
To keep our प्यार alive

If आप don't know me at this point
Then I highly doubt आप ever will
I really need आप to give me
That unconditional प्यार I used to feel
It's a mistake if we just erase it
From our hearts and minds and I know

We कहा let go
But I kept on hanging on
Inside I know it's over
You're really gone
It's killing me
'cause there ain't nothing
That I can do
Baby, I stay in love...
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lyrics to One प्यार / Trey Songz

You know I have to be honest
It's like for the first time in my life,
My pride is not a problem
I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid to tell आप girl,
That I प्यार you
Believe that
And if I cant have you,
I don't know what ima do
Listen to me

So many people never find the one
That's why I really wanna tell आप somethin'
I really think this is it for me
I really think you're the one I need
Cause baby I done had 'em all
I don't want nobody but you
Yeh, Oh darlin'

Baby let me break it down
See, we livin' in a lonely world
Aint आप tired of the runnin' 'round?
Don't आप wanna be my only girl?...
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Dream I had......on may 23, 2011

So it started out with me and my big sister's Bee and चेरी and auntie Susan sitting in my parents house and we were talking about some संगीत and them I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket and I grabbed it and Bee कहा “Who is it Spunky Jay?” and I smiled at my phone and looked over at चेरी and Susan, they smiled back and चेरी looked at Bee and कहा “It's her Alex”! Susan looked at me with a smile and कहा “Well go on Hun answer it before it goes to voice mail”! I smiled और big then clicked the send button and कहा “Hey honey, How are u?”,...
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