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1. On the beach, baking mud pies, 1995

"And then we would get married here on the समुद्र तट and आप would wear one of those puffy whites dresses and we would buy a house right द्वारा my parents' and we would have a dog and then we would have शिशु an-" 5-year-old Jacob black was interrupted in his – in retrospect rather decent prognosis – द्वारा a handful of mud landing on his thigh.

He wrinkled his nose in disgust, which – considering the mass of smeary mud that already covered his fingers – seemed a bit theatrical, looking at...
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posted by karlygirl26
हे guys, my name is Karly and I've decided to write my own प्रशंसक fiction. Okay, imagine Edward never came back because Alice never told Roslie anything, so Edward never assumed Bella died. And now it's just Jacob and Bella. Here's the start of my story- lengthy द्वारा the way- and let me know what आप think या any ideas आप have that आप would like me to add in. I appriciate all thoughts negative या positive. :) Thanks. :)

*Full Moon*

    The piercing shrill of my alarm clock woke me up out of my deep sleep. I threw my arm at it hitting the buttons, hoping it was snooze. I sat...
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posted by Bkbedstuy709
हे I have New story in the works......It's rated T+ to M because of the fool महीना language. It take's place 3 year's later after Eddie and Bella got married.Jake still haven't found the so called प्यार of his life and wants to leave La Push for college (so he says) since he is still hurt and depressed द्वारा Bella's and Edwards Marriage.

My Endless Love
By: Valerie

    I sat on the हुड, डाकू of my Rabbit with my head resting on my forearms against my windshield. Today marked 3 years on the dot on Edward’s and Bella’s Anniversary and I have to say I was jealous. I kept my distance...
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