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Chapter 7 – What Do आप Want -

Three days after what happened in the रसोई, रसोईघर Cuddy didn’t have touched on the subject. He thought that she was trying to avoid him, maybe she really was. The only thing that he was sure was that being away from her was pissing him of. He was in fact, angry. Why did he let her go? He always screwed everything up. They had had the perfect weekend, but then when they were back, he acted like nothing had happen. He was a jerk at that time, try to play the macho man with his friends, but now he was still a jerk but because he let her go again.

Cuddy didn’t want...
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"Where the hell is he?"
Cuddy had barged into Wilson's office. She hadn't seen House at his clinic duty so she decided to ask Wilson what plan he was pulling.
"He owes me clinic and I haven't seen him."
"You really expect to?"
"He कहा himself--"
"Just because he कहा it doesn't mean he meant it."
"So he's avoiding me?"
"I would too." Wilson looked back down and began working again, despite the fact that Cuddy was still venting. Then Cameron walked in, along with Chase and Foreman.
"Where's House?" Foreman asked.
"He has a patient due in OR. I need a patient to operate on, and the doctor who...
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posted by HouseAddict87
Chapter 6: Making Amends
“Cuddy, can we talk?”
“Yes, what is it House?”
“I was wondering if आप would want to go out with me tonight? On a date.”
“I uhh well it has been a busy दिन plus Thirteen but yeah that would be nice. Where should we go?”
“How about the new Mexican restaurant on 15th street? I’ve heard it is very good and they have live संगीत there as well, आप know आप want to see me salsa!”
“You salsa? That’s interesting! Mexican खाना sounds good it’s a date.”
“Cool I’ll pick आप up around seven then.”
“Okay I’ll be ready.”
Seven o’clock rolled around...
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posted by HouseAddict87
Chapter 3: The Accident
Saturday morning arrived and Dr. Hadley/Thirteen decided to go for a drive after a sleepless night. It can’t be true Dr. House and Dr. Cuddy two doctors who she admires and respects can’t be her parents it’s just not possible she thought to herself. She drove for about an घंटा and was on her way घर when suddenly a truck ran a red light and struck her car on the driver’s side. Thirteen was pinned inside her car and all of the बोन्स on her left side were crushed she had a punctured lung and a ruptured spleen. She needed immediate medical attention या she could...
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Perfect Little Family (Rough Draft Copy)

Chapter 1: The Revelation

“I’m not sure what it was but something kept drawing me towards Dr. Remy Hadley. I felt like I needed to protect her for some reason. Looking at her employee file now I know why… she’s my daughter.” Dr. Lisa Cuddy thought to herself.

Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital- Employee File:
Employee Name- Remy Marie Hadley
    Title- Medical Doctor
    Specialty- Internal Medicine
    Department- Diagnostic Medicine
    Supervisor- Dr. Gregory House...
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posted by midnyte007
“Are आप ok?” a concerned Cameron asked Wilson, who was sitting all द्वारा himself in the dark.
“Yeah, I’m fine. My girlfriend is dead and because I guilted my best friend into risking his life to try and save her, he’s now in ICU fighting for his life. I couldn’t be better,” Wilson कहा bitterly.
“I’m sorry, I---” Cameron started before she was interrupted द्वारा Wilson.
“No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to lash out at you. It’s just…. I just लॉस्ट Amber. I can’t lose House too,” कहा Wilson exasperated.
“Then tell him that. Like आप said, House is in ICU fighting for...
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posted by bainmoussant
This is my first real attempt at fanfiction so I’d be grateful for your feedback, both on content and form! And you’ll probably notice that English isn’t my first language but I hope this is still readable!

Note: I should add that this is only the first chapter. और coming soon, hopefully!

“House, we need to talk.”
Foreman raised his eyes from the imposing volume he was leafing through. House was sitting अगला to him with his feet propped up on the तालिका, टेबल and just as Cuddy approached him, he flicked out his yoyo, which came spinning dangerously close to her bare knee, slightly lifting...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
 आप Betrayed Me.
You Betrayed Me.
I've decided to post chapters 1 & 2 at the same time, just because there's a constant flow of लेखाए here and it seemed easier to just do it this way.

Wilson knocked on the door... he knew House wasn't obligated to let him in at all; that, as a matter of fact, House probably wouldn't let him in... but he tried none the less, because there were things he had to say... because he was Wilson and Wilson never left.
"I know you're in there... look, I have to tell आप something: I'm sorry."

"Since when is that good enough?" House whispered... a bullet was staring at him from the barrel of a gun......
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posted by TheHiddenCane
First attempt at something this medically orientated... भालू with me guys, I'm trying. House is sick again: he hides it. Wilson grows characteristically concerned... as Cuddy does uncharacteristically. What happens? How do they deal with it? What becomes of House?

Read, find out, enjoy!

Never Better (Chapter 1)

Bad days were always the same: House woke up in pain, sighed, lied panting in his own pool of sweat as he watched the spasms travel through his thigh. He measured his willingness to go in that दिन द्वारा the severity of the pain, the chance that Cuddy would find him something particularly...
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 "As Pale As Death"
"As Pale As Death"
This is the first chapter of my new fanfic "I'll take the rain" :) It contains spoilers for the season 5 finale since it happens in and alters the episode "Both sides now".
There's also a trailer for this fanfic in this spot. I hope आप like the first chapter :)

Chapter 1- As Pale As Death

He didn’t get a response.
„Cuddy.“, Wilson said, his voice even softer now. This time she seemed to have heard it and slowly raised her head, trying to clear her mind. A pair of swollen and red eyes looked back at Wilson, who gently handed her one of the two cups of coffee he had just got....
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Author's Notes: Spoilers 5x16 "The Softer Side" and the promo pics for that episode.

House is nice... Cuddy and Wilson must find a way to deal with it, and it's harder than they thought. House Wilson friendship and Huddy.

Press Reset.

There was no valid train of thought to this...

House's train of thought had always run on separate tracks, making the things House would do very simply the exact things others wouldn't do: a cripple favouring daredevil pass times, a man working with frail, dependant humans, seeing only numbers. He had his own behavioural code that all who knew him knew द्वारा head and...
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OK, I don´t own Chase, House, J.D., Dr. Cox, Wilson या Nurse Brenda, neighter do I own J.D.s awesome prank. This is just a silly thingy I put together being really bored. I don´t think it´s even to be called a "very funny fanfic", but it really helps the शीर्षक get attention :Þ
Warnings: Very silly, VERY random, only funny if आप share my weird sence of humor...
Perfect background music: Lazlo Bane - Superman

Dr. Robert Chase was exhausted after a long दिन at work. The team was trying to diagnose a girl with cronic pain who keept fainting every fifth मिनट या so. There had been hours of differentials...
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Disclaimer - same as before, I don't own House. या Wilson. या Cuddy. या anyone for that matter...I also don't own Baba O'Riley, या Breaking Benjamin, या the Offspring

The colours were moving. Swirling around

"Wow. I can see the music." House कहा breathlessly. "How high was the dose Wilson gave me?"

House hadn't noticed he was speaking out loud. He also hadn't noticed that Cuddy had come over to his flat from the hospital to check on him.

I'm wondering that right now... She thought.

"...I fight for my meals! I get my back into my living!"

"House. House!

"...Don't cryyy don't raise your eye. It's...
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(Not a really good शीर्षक for a fanfic.But it will do)
I don't know what made me starting लेखन a Wameron fanfic.
I was going to write another प्यार triangle(bad and horrible idea!)
I also was going to do a Huddy fanfic(not so good at लेखन anything with House and Cuddy in it.)
I really don't think this is good idea.

Give me your opinions on it.Be honest.

Cameron crossed her arms as she waited for Wilson."Damn it."she sighed.She saw Wilson's car pull into her driveway.Cameron walked over to his car,and got in.Wilson looked at Cameron."Can we go?"Cameron कहा in a pissed off tone.Wilson put...
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This is a new chapter

Cuddy sighed.She began to rub her temples.House didn't want to see her like this.Miserable.Hurt.House limped to her and wrapped his arms around her.Cuddy put her head on his chest."Should I go?"Cuddy asked."It's your choice.Your mother."House कहा with no emotion in his voice."Oh Greg..."Cuddy sighed."You never called me Greg.Even during sex.The last time आप called me Greg was..."House began.He started to think about how he'd been with Stacy.He remembered the face Cuddy made when she saw him in pain.Hurt and guilt.House snapped back into reality.He put his head on...
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Oh क्रिस्मस Tree

December 2022,
“Mom…” Abby groaned her face flustered as she fumbled through the boxes of ornaments.
“What?” Lisa asked as she placed a red glass bobble atop a branch of their Frasier फर क्रिस्मस tree.
“Where’s the एंजल for the चोटी, शीर्ष of the पेड़ I last year? It’s not in any of the boxes” Lisa thought for a moment.
“I think it’s in on one of the shelves downstairs.” She said, fixing a nutcracker ornament onto the tree. Abby sighed and marched her way down to the basement, her blond hair whipping along behind her. Suddenly, the front...
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posted by Irene3691
‘Morning...’ Says House the अगला day.
‘Hi… how are you?’
‘Fine... and you? आप fell और peaceful this morning?’
‘Ha-ha... yes, thank you.’
‘Good...’ He chuckles and they sit up.
‘Are आप hungry? We have some cake left...’ Lisa says.
‘Will the cake change your mood?’
‘It will change my hunger.’

They go to the रसोई, रसोईघर in silence and have breakfast. His leg is starting to hurt and House rubs his thigh with his hand but he doesn't say anything. Cuddy notices it and asks worried. ‘Are आप okay?’
‘Yeah... fine...’ House जवाब smiling at her. MEEEEEC!!! Lie
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Limping out of Exam room four, a swab sample in his free hand, House made his way to the admissions desk. “Send this to the lab,” he ordered, tossing the swab onto the डेस्क चोटी, शीर्ष in front of the nurse.
Giving him an annoyed glare, Missy picked up the sample and placed it in the outgoing lab box near his elbow. “Why must आप do that?” she grumbled, snagging the patient file from his hand.

House shrugged. “It’s hard to say,” he snipped with a smirk, “mostly I just like to see the nursing staff doing their JOBS,” he quipped putting emphasis on his last few...
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Taking deep breath, House reached into his जैकेट pocket and grabbed the familiar नारंगी, ऑरेंज perception bottle from its depths. Giving it a shake, he listened to the hollow sound of pills hitting plastic, as he stared at the short सूची of symptoms on the dry erase board in the corner.

Chewing his bottom lip for a moment, he turned each piece of his most हाल का puzzle over in his mind. “Tularemia…no…no she has a mild rash not an ulcer,” he कहा making a suggestion for his new patients illness then dismissing it.

Mindlessly he flipped off the टोपी of the medicine bottle and shook out two small...
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posted by Chandlerfan
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! I haven't uploaded for yonks! But here is Chapter 6 (finally!)
*runs from OM*
Enjoy! =D

Cuddy came rushing into the hospital, thinking something had happened to House. Chase decided not to tell her over the phone what had happened because he didn’t want her to drive over here like someone who’s on the run. It turned out that it wouldn’t have made a difference as that was exactly how she reached the hospital, running a record number of red lights and miraculously managing to arrive in one piece.

Chase walked up to her as soon as she walked into...
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