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I'm not sure if anyone else did this :/ If not YAY if so I'm super sorry........Credit to shorttext.com

1. She was the first one to fix his glasses.
2. And always will be.
3. A great wizard deserves the brightest witch.
4. She knows what he’s thinking.
5. She knows और about him than he does.
6. She’s sure his चुंबन is और than satisfactory.
7. He thinks she’s brilliant.
8. “She didn’t something she had never done before…”
9. “… And kissed him on the cheek.”
10. We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.
11. She never misses his quidditch matches....
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It was a dark rain night and Harry and Harry and Hermione were sitting in the tent, Hermione was reading, while Harry was scratching down बिना सोचे समझे things from him last inside into Voldermorts mind. Ron had left weeks ago, and harry knew he was not coming back. Hermione stopped crying herself to sleep two weeks back, this made Harry sleep better at night. He knew she was crushed द्वारा Ron's actions, but he knew better then to push her about it, Hermione was strong.

"Harry, I'm going to go to bed" she closed her book and half smiled at him, he only nodded. a about ten मिनटों later her soft snoring...
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Now first of all let me state that I’m a true harmony प्रशंसक and I hate any other shippings of girls with Harry. Because I am firm believer that harry is for hermione and no one else can come between them!
Now getting on to the point, before I read HBP I never bothererd to even give a सेकंड thought for Ginny weasley. Who was she any ways? I never bothered for her at all. So I dindt in any way notice her. But the thing started in HBP and I grew so sick of her!

Now lets see how ginny weasley came into the story!

Until the Chamber of secrets, ginny was just like any other muggle mentioned in the...
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 harmione!!! :))
harmione!!! :))
प्यार NEED NOT always दिखाना itself outside predominantly. प्यार can be expressed silently too. प्यार is there deep within for these two even though they don’t realise it. And not everyone can see it.sometimes even the ones in प्यार don’t realise it.That’s what I have seen and I believe and that’s what makes me fond of this couple, that’s what makes me a harmony fan!!! - emilykuru (me myself)

I’m a proud harmony प्रशंसक for that is the way the story should have gone.
I’ve always found jkr to be a splendid writer and everything about hp has always been satisfying ,whole and complete to me....
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