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posted by SherlockStark
I've made a playlist of songs that make me think of the show, a particular character, hannigram, etc. Here's what I have so far.
If आप have some songs that remind आप of any part of the show, please comment! I'm always looking for great songs :)

Songs for the दिखाना (in general):
- Sweet Dreams द्वारा Marilyn Manson

Songs for Will Graham:
- Monster द्वारा Imagine Dragons
- The Bird and the Worm द्वारा The Used
- Another प्यार द्वारा Tom Odell
- People are Strange द्वारा the Doors
- Leave Out All The Rest द्वारा Linkin Park
- Unwell द्वारा Matchbox 20
- Dark In My Imagination द्वारा of Verona

Songs for Hannigram:
- Firewall द्वारा Les Friction...
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