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7- Tiffany

Tiffany isn't a main character या a main villain. She is just Miriam's stupid friend and her skin tone is so dark. That is what makes her ugly. I don't प्यार her hair model either, but its better then her skin tone!

6- चालट, चार्लोट, शेर्लोट Watsford

Even if she is one of my characters who is in the bottom सूची this doesn't mean she is very ugly. I hate her eyebrows cause they are so thin, like two thin branches but I need to agree that this villain's hair model is beautiful when wavy. Also when she smiles she becomes very ugly.

5- Miriam Kent

Miriam's hair color is very beautiful and her eyes look...
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Do आप want do be a mermaid as Rikki, Emma and Cleo? Now आप can! This is a film about how to do a marmaid tail (VERY easily). In the सेकंड part आप can see the effect - girl swimming in her own tail.
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This Video Has 2 Mermaid Spells , I Made It .. Hope आप Guys Like It ! < 3
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Cariba Eliza Heine was born on October 1, 1988 in South Africa.But moved to Australia in 1991 at the age of 3. Cariba's mother is the owner of the dance school Legs. Her early days included dancing at her mother's dance school in Canberra. Cariba was the youngest dancer to perform at the Stargazers Convention in Sydney, Australia. She performed in many stage productions, including a tour in the United States, where she featured in a Will Young संगीत video.

While auditioning for H2O, Heine hired a personal trainer to improve her swimming. She performed in many stage productions, including a tour...
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Hi guys I know the rumors of a season 4 have been around since the release दिन of the last episode but for months johnthan m shift has been hinting of a season 4 या maybe an appearance in mako मत्स्य कन्याओं but finally we have a real answer and although its not what we wanted at least we have an answer!

ok so he finally announced the it would not be a live action season but an animated one and it would just continue on with the series आप can see the चित्र below if आप would like!

anyway i don't know how i feel that an animated cleo emma and rikki will be on my screen rather than cariba या clare टिप्पणी दे what आप think below and if आप need और proof या just wanna check a cool channel click the link below!!

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The winning video of my H2O contest on youtube! CONGRATULATIONS TO SHARIFAH37!
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