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Source: Mac Doïng The Rïght Thïng
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Source: Bloo | हीरोस Wïkï | Fandom
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Source: Fosters घर For Imagïnary Frïends Season 1 Epïsode 13 - Bloooo
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foster's घर for imaginary फ्रेंड्स
macy's thanksgiving दिन parade
Children imagine they're own imaginary फ्रेंड्स when they are young, we all know that. आप had an imaginary friend when आप were little right? But what happens to the friend when it's creator grows up? When he/she doesn't need it any more? Does the poor thing get thrown on the streets? Alone and helpless? Sadly yes. Kids used to throw they're फ्रेंड्स on the streets until a kind old woman (yet very enerjetic and full of life) named Madame Foster figured out a solution to this problem. She made an enormous, unbelievabbly big house for imaginary friends, a place they can call home, until someone...
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Source: Mac's Surprïse part 1
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Source: How Mac Felt About Hïs Unfaïr Punïshment In HOB
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Source: Bloo Dïslïke Lïke Blank Meme
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Source: Foster's घर For Imagïnary Frïends (2004)
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Source: Bloooo | Imagïnatïon Companïons, A Foster's घर For Imagïnary
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Source: Bloo And Berry In The Bathroom Foster घर For Imagïnary Frïends
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Source: Mac The Protagonïst
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Source: Read Em And Weep Imagïnatïon Companïons A Fosters घर For
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Source: How To Draw Mac And Bloo From Foster's घर For Imagïnary Frïends
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Source: Foster's घर For Imagïnary Frïends Sïng Along U.S Aïr Force
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Source: Foster's घर For Imagïnary Frïends Openïng Wïth Sound Effects & Musïc