फैन्पॉप Etiquette Should we be able to मिटाइए picks/quizzes?

germany123 posted on May 23, 2009 at 10:07PM
There is a petition aboot this question on the fanpop spot and my first thought was: hmmm i think we shouldnt.
i actually started typing a comment aboot it, too, using similar arguments as harold but then i realized that "all comments would be lost" applies to ALL content. All our content is part of the fanpop community- all our or at least most of our content has comments from other users.
I do see why we have limited editing power on picks- as harold once pointed oot the f4 have to keep us from changing the question into something really stupid after a number of fans answered the question (it was something aboot picking your nose but im too lazy to search right now)

I get that we can delete pictures ourselves: if we post one we took we should be able to remove it (this isnt facebook ;)).
we can remove videos because they might be broken and we cant find another one.
we can remove links for the same reason.

articles because...yes WHY can we delete those? we write them ourselves (yeah we SHOULD!!!) but we phrase the picks ourselves, too.

picks and quizzes cant be deleted- the argument cant be "its because of the comments!"?
i have had awesome comment convos on my videos and i always try to edit rather than delete because i know id be removing the comments,too.

is there another reason? i dont see how making a pick isnt "my" content,too, like that of an article.
Im not even arguing we should but Im really just trying to understand how picks and quizzes are different to other content.
somehow it doesnt really make sense.

Is it that- like a spot/club- the quizzes and picks belong to the community?
that the site intends for this content to stay even if you decide to delete everything you ever posted? "that" being all "external"content videos,images,linksbut if that were the intention then we shouldnt be able to delete articles (as they are intended to be "original content")because they are something you would "give" to the community,too.

As of know if you removed all content you posted only picks and quizzes would stay. quizzes are another thing maybe because of the "prizes" you get- so i get why those cant be removed. though im unsure what happens: if i answer correctly and the question gets deleted..do i keep my points?
and why can "answers" be deleted after they were answered?

This all seems very confusing to me :S
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना harold said…
Yes, I think that it has to do with the idea that answers are different than comments, which is saying much the same thing as you were in your second-to-last paragraph. With picks and quizzes, you are unlikely to interact with the item without submitting an "answer" to the "question": choosing a pick or selecting a multiple-choice answer. This creates a bunch of stats in a user's profile, and my belief is that the staff feels that the ability to jack up those stats by manually deleting the questions would be too tempting for abuse.

That said, it may be true that you can delete Answer Requests after they've been answered. I don't know if it's true, because very, very few of all the requests I've ever submitted have been answered (I think it was you answering it, actually), so I've never tried deleting one. If it is possible, it certainly isn't consistent with my take on their thinking. I wouldn't be too upset about it if users were more inclined to use that option to delete repeat questions, opinion questions, or just really badly phrased questions (any question that asks "Does someone know X?" should be nuked - the correct answer is always "YES"). Sadly, the option may exist, but people don't use it.