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My प्रिय Robinson family member is the Willie.
Because he is uptight, very aggressive, and doesn't tolerate foolishness.
He is like the ultimate non-joker on the show.
He is always serious, and doesn't play around.
I can tell he is very strict with his daughter and the whole boy situations.
He's strict about almost anything.
When ever somebody pisses him off, he gets them back the tricky way, and it's funny as hell.
I just प्यार it when he see's the other guys fooling around not doing their job, and then he raises hell at them, and then they get punished in such a inhumane way.
If I was him, I would be doing the exact same things.
This is the solo from an up and coming country संगीत artist named Daniel Epperson from southern Indiana! Redneck through and through! He dedicated this kickin song "Redneck Heroes" to the बत्तख, बतख डिनेस्टी crew. Share with your friends!
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