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posted by Windrises
Princess Anna and क्वीन Elsa traveled to a far away kingdom called Ghibli. Since Elsa's trade business with Weselton didn't work out so well Elsa was trying to make trade business with a different kingdom. Elsa कहा "Try to be on your best behavior Anna."

Anna कहा "I'll try, but no promises."

Anna and Elsa went to the kingdom. Elsa कहा "There's the king."

Anna कहा "He's got a silly looking beard."

The King of Ghibli कहा "Can I help you?"

Elsa कहा "I'm क्वीन Elsa of Arendelle and this is my sister, Princess Anna. I was hoping your kingdom can be our new trading partner."

The King कहा "I don't think so."

Anna कहा "Why not?"

The King कहा "1 of my other trading partners warned me about you."

Anna कहा "Who?"

The Duke of Weselton कहा "Me."

Anna कहा "Oh no. It's The Duke of Weasaltown."

The Duke screamed "It's Weselton!".

Elsa कहा "Why are आप here?"

The Duke कहा "To make sure this fine king doesn't become trading partners with a monster."

Elsa कहा "King do आप trust The Duke?"

The King कहा "I've known him for years. He may be whiney, but I trust him over 2 girls I've never met. My kingdom won't be trading partners with your kingdom. I'm sorry."

Anna and Elsa went to their guest room. Elsa कहा "That sneaky Duke messed things up."

Anna कहा "I know how to get The King to be our trading partner."

Elsa कहा "How?"

Anna कहा "I need आप to go along with 1 of my silly ideas. It's the only way to save our trading business."

Elsa nervously कहा "Okay."

Anna explained to Elsa her plan about having a protest against unfairly being treated द्वारा Weselton. Also to दिखाना the King of Ghibli that they can be trusted Anna told Elsa that they would some of their trade items to the Ghibli city people for free. Elsa agreed to Anna's plan.

Anna made outfits for the protest. Anna and Elsa put on the outfits. The outfits were well made, but Elsa noticed a problem. The outfits had everything outfits should have, but they looked silly. They looked slightly unfinished.

Anna कहा "It's a fashion statement to get the city peoples' attention. Plus I ran out of fabric."

Anna and Elsa walked out of the guest room, wearing the protest outfits. They went to the busy part of the city. Anna was in a optimistic mood, but Elsa was nervous.

Anna and Elsa stood in the busy part of the city, giving away some free trade stuff. A few of the kids laughed at Anna and Elsa's protest outfits.

Anna did a silly dance to get peoples' attention which worked. Elsa reluctantly danced too.

The King heard about how excited the city people were to get free trade stuff. The King came by. The King कहा "I heard about the trade stuff आप gave away for free. I was wrong about आप 2 girls. आप seem like good people. I'll be your new trading partner."

Elsa कहा "Thank you."

The Duke of Weselton angrily walked away.

Elsa कहा "Your silly plan worked Anna. I'm proud of you."

Anna कहा "I'm glad things worked out. My silly idea worked."

Elsa कहा "I suppose silly idea are important."

Anna कहा "What a silly thing to say."

Elsa कहा "We better go to our guest room and put on some और dignified clothes. Come on."

Anna कहा "Yes sir. I mean mam."

The end.
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