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live action
आप can watch this movie full on YouTube. आप can download it too (using IDM) :)
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As Long as You’re Happy
Chapter 1: प्यार IS PAINFUL…
Haibara Ai
Night had fallen. I sat silently in the basement, listening to the voices outside. The only lighting inside the room was from the computer. Beside it, a piece of paper with formula and pictures of double helix lied. I drew a deep breath when I heard his voice; a voice that could warmth my icy cold heart.
"Finally, Hakase…I can live a peaceful life without any need to worry about confronting the black भेड़िया anymore," कहा that voice. I leaned my head nearer to the door to hear clearly what Kudo-kun and Agasa Hakase is talking...
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 Kudou Shinichi - A great detective
Kudou Shinichi - A great detective
When आप have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

—Shinichi, quoting Sherlock Holmes from The Sign of the Four, ch. 6
In detective work, there's no winning या losing...there's no being superior या inferior...That's because...there is always one and only one truth.

—Episode 49, talking to Heiji
One truth prevails!

—One of Shinichi's catchphrases.
The only one who can miss a penalty kick is the one who has enough courage to take the penalty kick.

—Episode 476, Quoting the "Treasure of Italy" Roberto Baggio
Zero is where everything starts! Nothing...
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