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posted by hannahhogan
Dean Winchester Quotes

I Think Im Adorable

I Hope Your सेब Pie Is Freaking Worth It

Dude You're Fugly

Do I Look Like Paris Hilton?

Oh God, We're Not Going To Have To Hug या Anything Are We

Just Try To Relax........Just Try To Shut Up!!

Why did आप Let me Fall Asleep?...Because Im An AWESOME Brother.

Are We Talking Misdemeanor Trouble या Sqeal-Like-A-Pig-Trouble

Sorry I Cant Hear You,the Musics Too Loud

Well Sweetheart I Dont Do Shorts

No Chick flick Moments

Slow The Touchy-Feely Self-Help Yoga Crap

When Someone Says A Place Is Haunted..Dont Go In It

I Look Like One Of The Blues Brothers

I प्यार Smurfs

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