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gbotkid कहा …

@FanRICH : Mixtape completion sitting on 80%, और info as we go on.
इनबॉक्स me with dirrections to where you'll be on the 28th if your in Durban and we'll make a mission for one of our सड़क, स्ट्रीट team member to deliver the mixtape to आप !!!
Reach me on : gbotkidrecords@gmail.com/0846897748/or खोजिए Beast Kusher,NorthernSmokeGang,Gbotbot kid, या Hurley boys and you'll get full on अपडेट्स about the stable !!....NorthernSmokeGang.GBot Kid !! N.S.G.B.K.N.R.Ki !!!

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