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This सूची will contain minor spoilers for all of the characters on this list(I’ll be explaining the plot/role of the character)So, if आप don’t want any spoilers for a certain movie/tv show, I suggest skipping the paragraph.
For those of आप who may not be familiar with Mary-sues/Gary stues this is a term used to describe a character that is treated perfect द्वारा the writer.

Now before getting into this सूची let’s make some rules:
*The character doesn’t have to be completely perfect in every way to make it in the सूची .They just have to have some characteristics of mary-sue/gary-stue to be...
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The full special of Puff the Magic Dragon and Jackie Draper.
puff the magic dragon
jackie paper
jackie draper
full episode
complete episodes
old school
childhood memories
Here is my सूची of चोटी, शीर्ष ten reason why we all प्यार cartoons.

1. कार्टून have great moments- there द्वारा we treasure them. It may be a cartoon we know in our childhood (such as The Angry Beavers या the Real Ghostbusters).

2. No matter what the दिखाना is about, all कार्टून have great humorous moments. They would not call it a cartoon if it had no humor.

3. If it is hand drawn and well created, we प्यार it. :D

4. People may say that a lot of कार्टून are so little kids. But when it comes to remebering the times when "we" were kids, it's no harm to try to watch them over and over again.

5. If we are...
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