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 The real Noddy Comet
The real Noddy Comet
Season 4, Episode 20, Mayhem On A Cross. A youthful Gordon Gordon alter ego Noddy Comet sings the 1979 hit "Better" from the Phoenix, Arizona band Blue Shoes.

Blue Shoes original recordings were recently uncovered द्वारा Fervor Records and are available on iTunes etc.

Here's a little info about the band...

Blue Shoes: Post-Punk Power Pop Pioneers
There’s no denying Blue Shoes’ irresistible pop hooks and commercial sensibilities. Their records received heavy regional airplay and the vinyl flew off the shelves faster than some of the चोटी, शीर्ष acts of the day, including Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin.
Their quirky stage persona, led द्वारा their androgynous vocalist, Peggy “Murph” Murphy, packed क्लब्स and landed them on संगीत कार्यक्रम stages with such acts as The Talking Heads. The Best of Blue Shoes
chronicles this amazing band’s success.
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 बोन्स is an awesome singer!
Bones is an awesome singer!
I know that when आप sit down to watch another great episode of Bones, the last thing that goes thought your mind is what kind of संगीत will be on the show! Well, if I'm honest, its not my first thought either but I have to admit, the संगीत on बोन्स is really good and I don't think the दिखाना would be the same without it! So, I've made a सूची of my चोटी, शीर्ष ten songs ever featured on Bones! Hope आप enjoy! :)

10: This song, played as Angela walked down the aisle in the last episode of season two, is one of my faves! Its "Gimme all your lovin'" द्वारा ZZ Top. I thought it was really "Angela" to play that...
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If आप are one major बोन्स fan, I hope आप can agree with me on this.Everybody loves Dr.B's assistant,Zack,so why did the producers take him off the show? I think it was a REALLY bad idea because everybody loves Zack (I hope). Why couldn't they take somebody else to leave the show? Like sweets ( Sorry if I am offending sweets fans)He could've been Gormagons assistant. But it was pretty suprising to find out Zack was Gormagons assistant,right. If आप really like this articale, I hope आप respond positively to it, THANKS!!!
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I just thought I would put together some sites where आप can watch and/or download the latest बोन्स episodes. If आप don't live in the US then it is hard to find decent वीडियो right after बोन्स has aired. And if आप are like me आप can't possibly wait another day! Especially after having waited three weeks like the last time round.

To Watch:

watch-series.com (gets them up relatively fast)
tv-dome.net (has them literally 5 mins after airing)
freeonlineepisodes.net (courtesy of ORi_4EvEr_Y0ung)
megavideo.com (courtesy of drunksheep)
To remove limitation of MegaVideo go link.

To Download:...
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Chapter 5
He waited until she was asleep before he went in the bathroom to take a shower. His plane was scheduled to leave at 9:00 the अगला morning and it was already 2:00 am. He removed the rest of his clothes in the bathroom and took a long cool shower. As he came back into the bedroom dressed he noticed that बोन्स was no longer in बिस्तर but sitting in a chair looking out into the night. She had put on a बाथरोब, स्नान वस्त्र, bathrobe and was now covered.
“Bones what’s wrong?”
She looked over at Booth. He could see that she was upset.
“Booth, about what happened”
“Bones, आप are a beautiful woman but you...
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Pilot [1.1]

Brennan: Tell me आप tried "excuse me" first.
Angela: Ah, Sweetie. Yes, I did. Welcome home. Are आप exhausted? Was Guatemala awful? Was it horribly backward?
Brennan: And yet, I was never reduced to flashing my boobs for information.

Angela: आप know, diving head first in a pit of cadavers is no way to handle a messy breakup.
Brennan: Angela, nothing Pete and I ever did was messy.
Angela: [laughs] Then आप weren't doing the right things.

Brennan: Look, I am sorry if I embarrassed आप in front of your friends, but अगला time आप should identify yourself before attacking me.

DHS Officer:...
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