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1. Isn't Voldemort ugly? I mean, he doesn't even have a nose!

2. I प्यार Mudbloods! And they're good kissers, *wink*

3. I need to go back to Azkaban immediately! I deserve और time in there for my crimes.

4. I think Harry has the right idea about killing Voldemort.

5. Isn't Lucius hot? His long blond hair is such a turn on!

6. I think I'd look really good in pink.....Cissy, could I borrow some?

7. Purebloods suck....what makes us so great anyways?

8. Muggles are actually quite clever!

9. Loyalty really isn't my thing......

10. Yes, I agree, I DO need therapy, don't I?

11. Harry really just needs a hug....
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