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posted by blackparade
Two college women's softball teams were competing when one player hit the ball out of the park but couldn't make it around the bases. Apparently her leg gave out from under her and she couldn't run. It's against the rules for one of her teammates to run for her. When a member of the opposing team realized what was happening she opted to carry the young woman around the bases so that her run would count (and as it turned out it was the winning run). When asked why she did such a generous thing, she कहा she always learned it wasn't about winning या losing but about how आप play the game.

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posted by six5tall
आप know I think that most people have good in them, but there are a few of them out there that just dont know how to be good (nice). Well I think that if आप are having a good दिन and आप run in to someone that is not having one, maybe....just maybe, आप might try to make there दिन a little better. How आप ask? Tell them how nice they look today, या , let them know how great it has been to have them in your life as a friend, या partner, या co-worker, या what ever place they have in your life. Its not hard to do if आप are a good person and आप like yourself, It not hard to like others.! Mostly it is up to आप to make the most of your day, and try to have someone enjoy it with you. Good people are hard to find, but instead of looking for them, creat them. Give your time and yourself to others, and others will दिखाना time to you. Believe me, I have done this and I know it works. Just try it! Nothing is going to happen in a day, but with time and आप will see it grow.