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English Translation:

After आप left, I लॉस्ट control
I become drunk every night and stumble around
Spit out curses because I think of you, who was cold
I feel dirty
I overflow in anger, and scream
Your face that appears in the cracked mirror
It seems like our प्यार that’s broken into many piece
I stand at the end of this tiring cliff, and
rip apart the memories I had with you
I don’t have it

What can I do What can I do
I get लॉस्ट in a maze and stay in that spot
What can I say what can I say
It’s becoming blurred
I can’t see your face

I can’t हटाइए in the darkness
I can’t feel anything
Tears fall...
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English Translation:

My दिल that has passed its समाप्ति date
Was colder than any winter
You cheated me until the end
The प्यार that was supposed to be eternal turned into a nightmare

I try meeting other people but my दिल is trapped in a fence
I can’t trust anyone, now no one is द्वारा my side
I only look at the passing memories
I really hate आप so I throw them away
I hate girls’ lies

Get away Get away Get away
Don’t say my name
I hate this crazy love, crazy

Save Me Oh Save Me
And be careful I’m like fire
From this time that has shattered because of you
Save Me Oh Save Me
And I won’t forget you...
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