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posted by shunlover3213
Me: हे I hope आप like this story i put my time in it so please don’t say आप hate it like shun do always
Shun: that because आप always make me a couple with alice
Me: because your cute together
Shun: no we don’t and i don’t even like her
Me: yes आप do
Shun no I like somebody else

Alice’s pov.
Pff I’m so tired the life of a singer is not easy. I have to go get some sleep because tomorrow I have a संगीत कार्यक्रम in Japan. I know that I have a lot प्रशंसक boy’s but I’m still screening for the one.
Me: I know alice pov. Was short sorry.

Shun’s pov.
I’m so glad that school was over finely free...
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posted by sasukehater212
Why Gus why is he so obessed with Spectra (who looks like big bird ). Gus is like spectras pet and what dude in his right mind is named Gus i mean आप should the us and a ay. and Spectra he should be known as Mr.Feathers. Back to Gus he's also Spectra's कुतिया, मतलबी yea I कहा bicth (for all thoose that like him go burn in Hell)and for the fact when Lyinc hit him upside the head with a stick thingy and K.O. Now Spectra very hot but very stupid and obessed with making Helios stronger and what not. He's alloes trying to figure out why he always looses to Dan(give up all ready Spectra).Next and finaly Mylene whats up with her wait is Mylene even a a woman आप know what im just call Mylene a shemale yea a freaking shemale. And in that one one episode when she puts on that tuxdeo and everyone one is was looking her I mean it well yea . And why did klus called it beautiful and that nite I was officaiy screwed and I could say और but most of it isn't apperoite ..... see ya'll soon
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I think they're a good couple but I guess they are not a couple.. well, just having fun..^,^ WAIT FOR YOU..