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posted by KITTYGIRL54
Baby, I got प्यार for thee
So deep inside of me
I don't know where to start
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I प्यार आप और than anything
But the words can't even touch what's in my heart
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
No, no(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

When I try to explain it I be sounding insane
The words don't ever come out right
I get all tongue-tied and twisted
I can't explain what I'm feeling
And I say, baby, baby,
Oh, woah, oh, woah,
Baby, baby

(Baby I) oh, baby, oh, baby, my baby
(Baby I) oh, baby, baby I
(Baby I) all I'm tryna say is you're my everything,...
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posted by ArianaIsMine
Ariana is my everything! Pun intended! Haha. Anyway. I am her biggest fan! NO JOKE! I have no और room for the 33 posters that I just bought yesterday because my walls are already filled! Every piece of furniture in my room has something to do with her. Ive been to the HoneyMoon Tour 7 times, twice with meet and greet tickets and once with front row seats. I own EVERY single CD she has released including having them on ITunes! I dedicate EVERY one of my accounts to her! My youtube: link
My Google+ link And my फैन्पॉप page: link
All dedicated to her!
Driving down Sunset on a Saturday night.
It's getting kinda crazy under the lights,
and we don't care where we're passing our time,
watching those LA boys roll by.

In their drop-tops, Harleys, Escalators too,
a hundred different flavors so vary your view.
There's one for me, and there's one for you,
Watching them LA boys roll through.

Looking so hot down in Hollywood,
You know they got, got the goods,
So let's give it up for those LA boys.
Riding the waves up in Malibu,
they really get, get to you,
so let's give it up for those LA boys.
Give it up, give it up आप don't have no...
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I'd like to say we gave it a try;
I'd like to blame it all on life...
"Maybe we just weren’t right,"
But that’s a lie... that’s a lie...

And we can deny it as much as we want, but in time, our feelings will show,
'Cause sooner या later, we'll wonder why we gave up;
The truth is, everyone knows...

Almost, almost is never enough;
So close to being in love...
If I would have known that आप wanted me the way I wanted you,
Then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart, but right here in each other's arms...
And we almost, we almost knew what प्यार was,
But almost is never enough...

If I could change the world...
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I looked in the rearview mirror and
It seemed to make a lot और sense
Than what I see ahead of us, ahead us
I'm ready to make that turn
Before we both crash and burn
'Cause that could be the death of us, the death of us, baby

You know how to drive in rain
You decided not to make a change
Stuck in the same old lane
Going the wrong way home

I feel like my दिल is stuck
In bumper to bumper
Traffic, I'm under pressure
'Cause I can't have आप the way that I want
Let's just go back to the way it was

When we were on Honeymoon Avenue
Honeymoon Avenue
Baby, coastin' like crazy
Can we get back to the way it was

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Baby I got प्यार for thee so deep inside of me
I don’t know where to start
(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) yeah yeah
I प्यार आप और than anything
But the words can't even touch what’s in my heart
(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) no no

When I try to explain it I be sounding insane
Words don't ever come out right
I get all tongue tied (and twisted)
I can’t explain what I’m feeling
So I say baby baby, baby

Baby I (ooh baby, oh baby, my baby)
Baby I (ooh baby, baby I)
All I’m tryna say is you’re my everything baby
But everytime I try to say it
Words they only complicate it

Baby, baby

Baby I’m so down for you...
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posted by arianafan101
Ariana grande is a very talented individual. she has a beautiful voice. And she is a very talented actress. So all of the people who don't appreciate her and don't notice her talents then आप really should. she makes us laugh on विक्टोरियस द्वारा playing the roll of cat. she is as silly in विक्टोरियस as she is in real life. and there wont be anyone like her ever. so we should all appreciate her because there is only one rocking, sushi loving, talented, beautiful, red haired Ariana grande. Ariana we all प्यार you.