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 She is the BooBear to my Hazza <3
She is the BooBear to my Hazza <3
O.k first um..I would like to say that this लेख is totally from my heart!

Anna..No words could describe how long we have been friends..
We joined फैन्पॉप at the same time and I was one of the first bffs she ever had!

When she पोस्टेड on my दीवार for the first time, i knew that she is the bff that i was looking for and that she is the best friend i could ever ask for! i remember every detail..what she wrote, what was her आइकन back then (it was Elena and Alaric) and it was like प्यार at first sight..We sent each other pics of each other, i fell for her even और when I saw how gorgeous she was.....
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