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It was a cold rainy night, and I was sitting in my room of the apartment listening to my Seether playlist. I was going to have the apartment to myself for a few days while Chris was out on a buissiness trip. He sells lab equipment and made a lot of money. Thats not why I married him though. I प्यार him और than anything. He was the only person that made me truly happy. Anyway, we have been married for two weeks. I am kinda a tomboy. I like video games, beer, smoking, porn, guns, gory shit, sex, country and rock music. I have a scar tattoo on my right eye and wear a chain necklace. On my right...
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Song: Moving Mountains-Two Steps From Hell

Stinky: Dad, आप never talk about your parents. How come?
Kate: I don't think he's even told me about his parents.
Winston: He needs to know the truth.
Winston: When we first found you, आप were still quite young; but it was obvious आप had been on your own for a long time.
Humphrey: What...happened?
(Winston sighs)
Winston: No one here really knows what happened the दिन आप लॉस्ट your parents.
Humphrey: I'm looking for my parents.
Owen: Your parents? Humphrey, your parents are dead. Just accept it and go home!
Humphrey (shouting): I know they're out there,...
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