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 The Book Cover.
The Book Cover.
Hi guys, since I प्यार Poirot and Miss Marple, I will be लेखन a review on the series version because I had only seen bits of the 1980 version with Elizabeth Taylor (RIP) in it.

The Characters

The character of मरीना Gregg was a tragic one, because she had German Measles while pregnant prior to the events of the story. Her American husband tried his best to console her not to think back of the past, until Heather Badcock open up old wounds to her and the latter is dead of poisoning later on!
Although she doesn't have much screen-time due to an injured leg occurred in this episode, Miss Marple...
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Looking back on the number of Agatha Christie movie adaptations I have seen, I find it surprising that only a handful of Christie titles have been adapted for the फिल्में या टेलीविज़न और than once. One of those titles happened to be the author’s 1938 novel called "Appointment With Death".

The most well known adaptation before the 2008 one had been produced and directed द्वारा Michael Winner some twenty years earlier. Released in 1988, the movie starred Peter Ustinov in his last appearance as the Belgian-born sleuth, Hercule Poirot; and is not considered...
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"THE MIRROR CRACK'D" (1980) Review

As far as I know, Guy Hamilton is the only director who has helmed two movie adaptations of Agatha Christie novels. The 1982 movie, "EVIL UNDER THE SUN" was the सेकंड adaptation. The first was his 1980 adaptation of Christie's 1962 novel, "The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side".

A big Hollywood production has arrived at St. Mary's Mead, the घर of Miss Jane Marple, to film a costume movie about Mary, क्वीन of Scots and क्वीन Elizabeth I of England, starring two Hollywood stars - मरीना Gregg and Lola Brewster. The two अभिनेत्रियों are rivals who despise each...
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Brasil, São Paulo, dia 17/10/2022

Assunto: Agradecimento para Agatha Christie
De: Raul Soares Vicari

Escrevi essa carta para homenagear seu trabalho por seus livros de mistério, mas só que, de algum jeito você consegue mudar a forma como qualquer pessoa faria uma história, pois todos eles contêm um toque marcante. Pois mesmo todos sabendo que seria a mesma ideia, ‘’ Um caso de detetive, que coisa comum e chata’’, mas você consegue mudar o padrão de uma forma que até parece ser fácil, mas para a maioria dos leitores sabemos que é um trabalho bem difícil em ter que pesquisar,...
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Agatha Christie's Marple feature filmed on location. PRODUCED द्वारा HELEN JAMES PRODUCTIONS LTD link
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I might as well say it. Agatha Christie's 1942 novel, "The Body in the Library" has never been a particularly प्रिय of mine. Nor have I ever been that fond of the 1984 टेलीविज़न adaptation that starred Joan Hickson. So, when ITV aired another adaptation of the novel, I was not that eager to watch it. But I did.

"THE BODY IN THE LIBRARY" proved to be a slightly complicated tale that begins with the discovery of a dead body in the पुस्तकालय of Gossington Hall, the घर of Colonel Arthur and Dolly Bantry. The body turns out to be a peroxide blonde in her...
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