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posted by minniemeg
Authors note: Hi, this is my first time publishing something that wasn't प्रशंसक fiction but its what I've been passionate about forever. So please forgive the inconsistent rhyming.

If I never saw आप again.

How happy my life would be!

I'd be jumping up and down the walls so full of glee!

No और nagging!

No और griping!

No और constant whining!

No और rants about how dreadful your life is!

I could be free from the locks that is your torn up mind, no longer a prisoner in my own home.

Aw the very thought of never hearing your voice again fills me with so much joy!

No और yelling!

No और shrieking!

No और do this या do that!

The very mention of my name द्वारा your irritable voice makes my ears bleed buckets.

The look of your horrendous face when yelling at me makes me vomit on the inside.

To imagine my life without you.

Is like a dream that's impossible to obtain.

Oh well, whilst I sleep that dream I long is true.

Where I am so happy.

To never see you.
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Who is Mary Sue, आप ask?

She is a pest, a scourge, a CURSE upon the world of fiction; a dull, cliche character who mostly invades the प्रशंसक fiction universe (especially in fandoms like Lord of the Rings या Harry Potter), but can also be found in original work, TV shows, books, movies, etc. In प्रशंसक fiction, she's usually the fangirl's way of inserting herself in the story and pairing herself up with the cutest/hottest character. This infamous evil can be identified द्वारा the following traits:

1: She is stunningly/unusually beautiful. Oh she may deny it, claiming to be a "plain Jane" and modestly deflecting...
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posted by ZekiYuro
In 1952,Audrey Hepburn was in Rome,making the film Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck.She was engaged to James Hanson,a लंडन 'playboy',and she asked a famous Italian designer,Zoe Fontana,to make her a dress for the wedding.

Signora Fontana said,'Audrey was 23.She was so young and so beautiful then.She tried the dress on many times.It was in white lace,with a lot of tiny buttons down the back,and she wanted to wear फूल on her head.'

But 2 weeks before the wedding,Audrey Hepburn decided not to get married.She phoned Zoe Fontana and said,'I've cancelled the wedding.But I want another girl to...
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posted by daitheflu4u
A Valentine’s Gift: A Story of Determination

    Every once in a while we face certain challenges in life; whether it would be at work, school, home, या an illness. At times we don’t know if we have the courage and inner strength to get passed our obstacle. And sometimes during our worst obstacles, we can accomplish the unexpected. Depending on the challenges we face in life, we still must keep our dignity, even if we lose the battle.
    The two were unprepared for the दिन at the hospital, where Lisa would undergo a biopsy. They thought of the procedure...
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