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What would Happend when SwiftPaw lived?

i Mean swiftpaw is a Loyal and strong Apprentice
i was crying of the Death from SwiftPaw cause i felt bad for BrightPaw.

but i was wondering ,what would happend when SwiftPaw lived and ran with brightpaw away from the dogs?.

i could say for this swiftPaw would be a Great warrior after his training.
he would be known as SwiftBreez या SwiftRunner.

but i ask आप for now ,you're story ,you're choise now!

hope i have some Nice and great Answers!
 What would Happend when SwiftPaw lived?
 ColdBlossom123 posted ·10महीने पहले
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floppflipp said:
Swiftpaw would survive barely and be scared for life running away from every dog he sees
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posted ·9महीने पहले 
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