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posted by Spottedtail139
My kits and I were in the nursery and then Shadowheart walked

up to me " Do आप want to go hunting with me Mosspool?"

" Ok I'll have Skystorm watch the kits" I कहा when Skystorm and

my kits were set I went hunting I caught a माउस on the border

and I also saw red and white peaking out of the brambles when I

walked up the them a lovely white kit with red dots and blue

eyes was there I gasped Shadowheart walked over and he was

shocked we were both thinking- Who would leave a kit in the

cold like this? I pick the kit up and raced back to camp with

Shadowheart on my tail the kit looked five or...
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posted by Skystorm101
"I've gotta get goin' " I said
"Well,it was nice meeting you... beautiful tabby."
(I blushed) "Bye"
Ok,so I was kinda cuter when I was younger. So i kept walking to the forest,then,my nose nearly started bleeding,there were so many scents! I went in the camp.. All I heard was my echo at first. Then, I met two toms : Redfoot and Nightrise .

Redfoot wasn't a chatty one,for sure. But Nightrise decided to rebuild the clans. So,yeah,I became deputy,bla-bla-bla,somethin' bout' starclan... Then came Cherryshine,then Grasswing and Ashpaw,and now more! I felt proud serving as deputy and that Rubyclan...
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