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umm i did not made this video i got it from यूट्यूब
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The sun was starting to go down when Rusty stirred. Half the दिन had gone past since he was brought in. Yawning, he pried one eye open. He faintly heard the medicine cat—Yellowfang, he recalled—tell Runningnose to "get Brokenstar." His ears perked up as he heard Runningnose leave.

Rusty lifted his head and looked around. "W-where..." Yellowfang walked over, something clenched in her mouth. She dropped it beside his head. Rusty looked to see that it was a wet ball of moss

"Here. Drink." Yellowfang कहा curtly. "You're about to have company—be respectful and आप may walk out of here with...
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posted by graystriperock
I grew up alone my mom and dad died in battle right after I was born. I had no brothers या sisters. My mentor was like my dad. I cryed when he died he was always there for me.I shared grief with his mate. After that I was the out cast until a kittypet joined we had a special connection . He became deputy then leader. He made me his deputy. I cryed for days and days when frostbite ( that kittypet) लॉस्ट his last life now I'm leader of winterclan with my mate frostmint and my two kits frozenkit male and snowkit female
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"BLAZEWISKER!" wow, hailblaze can sure yell.
"Stay here lillykit, that means आप too cloudkit." I wounder...
"Cloudkit. आप know you're not thinking, well आप are, out loud though." That's my sister, lillykit she's so much prettier than iam. *Sigh.* "Are आप ok cloudkit?" Her grayish black pelt swaying in the dark silver sky. "Yea,im fine, lets go to sleep." I snuggled my wight face into my puffy wight fur.
"I would but what abou.." She paused when we hearde mom and dad say.
"But our kits hailblaze,we cant leave them!" mom sounded scared.
"I understand, then if आप wont come with me then...
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Rainfight's silvery blue pelt shined in the dim sun light. Sandycloud and fortfall had a sandyish tan colord shecat, named sandkit. Brightfur and Thrushbelly the healer had clungkit and rockkit. Everyone in the nerse's घर was at least some what equall, so why did mistkit alway compare herself? Bloomkit never did, so why shoud she?
"Bloomkit. come on lets go outside sis." Bloomkit strugled to her feet, but went outside with mistkit.
"Don't आप kits ever get brod of that rotten den?" That was wing paw, her tan pelt moved swiftly in the light. She was one of the two apprentences, the other was soundpaw.
"No, we never get bord, just wanted to come outside." Mistkit liked wingpaw,not when she had her moods though.
"And freeze to death, Rainflight wont be happy about that." she कहा playfully. "Why don't आप go run back along in the nerse's den, before आप freeze yourself"

Everything by:Whisperscream5
Part one of.....
posted by prim17luvr101
“Could आप go out to the lake and get some और horsetail, Dewpaw?” asks Silverblossom, my medicine cat mentor.
“Of course,” I reply. I’m a medicine cat apprentice, it’s my job.
Right before I leave she adds, “Bring a friend!”
“I know!” I yell back, but she probably doesn’t hear me because I’m already across the clearing. Accidently, I ram into grumpy Snakefang and run over Inkkit and Rabbitkit, earning glares from Nightheart and Blizzardcloud. I ignore them. I’m too focused on the task at hand. I know just the cat to bring. I find him, my best friend, Birchpaw, talking...
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so this is the clan i created, i hope आप like it...
shadderstar:muscular dark tabby tom
flamespirit: white she cat with fiery red eyes
medicine cat:
moontail: light grey tom with white tail and grey blue eyes
crowwing:grey she cat with black spots
littletail:grey tom with white flecks and a bobed tail
milkypelt:tom with long cream colored pelt
liontail:orange tom with broen underbelly
oaktail:gold and brown calico she cat
shadowsong:black and grey tabby she cat
snakefang:light brown tabby tom
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Whisperscream was gone! Just like that, why would she leave us. Thought Vanillakit.
"Where is whisperscream Vanillakit?" Rabbitkit कहा her voice trebeling like the hollow cavern above them, on a windy day. Vanillakit thought for a minute, then कहा trying not to act scared, she was the oldest after all.
"She is just getting freash moss for us Rabbitkit, to sleep soundly and not worry about our father." As Vanillakit कहा that Saltkit shivered and cullded अगला to his older sisters.

Part two of.....
everything made by: Whisperscream5 Aka:Bloomcloud1234

Sorry it is short, it was all i could think of, their will be a part two and a half tomarrow, i promise! :D
posted by WCSilentBreeze
I've decided to प्रकाशित करे my clan. Here ya go

Streamstar-Silver tabby she with green eyes

Ottersplash-Brown tom with shiny फर and blue eyes

Sootwhisker-Black tom with white paws and blue eyes

Minnowpelt-Grey she with silver-grey eyes
Riverwave-Blue tom with strong paws and yellow eyes
Mintygaze-Grey she with mint green eyes
Ashspots-grey tom with dark grey spots and misty green eyes
Reedwhisker-Rusty brown tom with long whiskers and dark brown eyes
Spidertail-Black tom wit long tail and amber eyes
Oakshade-Dark brown tom with shady green eyes
Lichenfur-Grey tom with smoky green eyes
Ivytail-Grey and black...
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