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From the same person before, Don't accuse me of plagerism.
वॉरईयर कैट्स
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                Chapter 1
    Moonpaw was bored with having to look after Bloodfur and Foxblaze. The two बिल्ली had greencough. She wished she could be out in the forest hunting and training with her brother, Pebblepaw. Just as she finished giving Bloodfur the rest of his catmint, she heard Bluestar’s familiar call, “Let all बिल्ली old enough to catch their own prey gather here below Highledge.”
    As she crept out of the medicine मांद, डेन she glanced around for Pebblepaw. She...
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In a dark hollow, a dark she-cat sat, waiting. "The time has come," she कहा bitterly " Dustheart's kits are to be beared to Poppypelt." Then a small tom walked into the clearing."Are Dustheart and Poppypelt ready?" the tom asked " Watertail, are आप sure?"

The she cat stared at the tom. "Cloudfire, yes, tomorrow they will be born. It is your duty to make sure everyone of them survives. They are very important to your clan. It is our duty as a medicine cat of Thunderclan to save them."
"Yes, Watertail."
"Good, rush back घर for Poppypelts' kits, Soulstar will be happy."
"Good bie, tell Flamestar that all is well in his clan, and that it has doubled in size."
"He will be happy."
As Cloudfire turned away, Watertail कहा happily "Tell Soulstar i miss her." Cloudfire nodded and walked away. After all, his mate missed their kit, he would share the news with Soulstar, and Dustheart. They will be proud.
Stripetail was tired. Since he was just made a warrior, he couldn't talk, या sleep. On the bright side, he was with his sisters and brother, Darkwing, Silvernose, and Muddyfoot. Just when the sun was about to come up, a लोमड़ी, फॉक्स was making it's way to the warriors den. While Silvernose was heading toward Bramblestar's den, Stripetail ran toward the fox."Take that आप mousebrain fox!" he yowled as he sliced the foxes nose. The sun was up द्वारा the time Stripetail single pawed defeated the fox. When he looked around at his proud clanmates, he saw the most beautiful she cat ever, Snowfeather. She is...
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Rusty felt his head swimming as the two बिल्ली flanking him "escorted" him. He barely had any sense of where he was going. The excitement, the terror, the exhaustion...so many strong sensations for a house cat it was a wonder he knew which way was up.

His eyelids started drooping until Rusty felt a cat bump into him. "Stay awake kittypet, I'm not dragging आप back to our camp द्वारा the scruff like a queen," snapped the cat on his left.

"Ease up Brownpaw," कहा the other. "It's not much further." Brownpaw dropped off into incoherent mumbles. Wetpaw, the other cat helping Rusty, looked up. "There's...
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