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posted by CarlislesLover
This is the अगला bit of the conversation story
hope आप all like it XX

I grabbed my keys and ran out the door not even locking it behind me, I got in to my shiny new car that Edward had gotten me and drove it as fast as any of the Cullen’s would in theirs. Nearly crashing it in to another on the way to the Cullen’s house, it was terrifying driving this fast and what made it even scarier is that the damn car had the ability to drive faster. The tree’s fled past me with speed and so did everything else. I couldn’t think straight at all right now my mind was on Edward and what was going...
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posted by a-jforever
A while since I पोस्टेड the first bit so i thought maybe I would post another. Hoep आप like it XX

8 Years later

“Come on Heidi आप going to be late for school.” I rolled lazily out of bed. I was now fourteen years old. Mature and very grown up. I took a शावर, शॉवर wrapping my hair in a towel. I dressed into my tight fitted white blouse, short black स्कर्ट and fishnet tights. I took off the towel that was on my head, letting my mahogany ringlets hang to my waist. I brushed them smiling to myself. I wasn’t vain, I didn’t think. I was just happy to be pretty. “Heidi, come on Bens at the door...
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posted by LexisFaith
I held on to his warm फर as he raced along side the river. My face was burried in his neck and the tears soaked through. My leg burned, like someone had poured some chemical they created in chemistry into my cuts.
I should have listed to him. Jacob told me to be careful around Paul but I didn't listen. I was too stubborn. One of the things I got from Bella.
Once we had stopped I climbed down off his back and sat up against a पेड़ untill he was in human form again, but as soon as he was dressed I was right back in his arms.

"What happened to her?!" Mom came running out and took me from Jacob's...
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posted by lollipopszx3
Me : Oh my god! A fly monkey is about to eat me!

*that awkward cough that someone just has to do*

Me : AHH! You'll never take me alive! NEVER!! *starts running around, while hitting the air*

Jane : *whispers to Alec* Your mate's crazy.

Me : I'm not! Now begone!

Aro : I know this amazing physician that will heal आप within minutes.

Me : Healed? I don't need to be healed! I need to dance! *starts doing the funky chicken*

Gianna : What is she doing??

Felix : HEY! What are आप doing!?

*all turns to look as Shannon takes a pencil from his pocket*

Shannon : Nothing.... Distraction Stephanie!

Me : Look at me!...
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posted by KATYrebekah

"Oh for goodness sakes, Emmett, just stand up already!" Edward hissed from underneath him. "Not until आप come to your senses!" Emmett said. Rosalie ran across the room at an almighty speed just as Edward reached out to grab Emmett, and she thumped him on his chest. "ENOUGH!" Esme spoke for the first time in the whole 7 and a half hours we'd been here. Everyone turned to look-even Emmett. "This is madness! Emmett, आप and Emmett are the closest of brothers- so why throw away all of that time on one stupid decision? Edward, I want आप to stay as much as Emmett, maybe even more-...
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posted by a-jforever
This is a little before twilight. Plz टिप्पणी दे and tell me what आप think XX

Jasper’s POV
“I don’t know Alice” I कहा for about the thousandth time this morning. “You could go hunt again if it makes आप feel better?” I shook my head but smiled at her. I had been hunting about four times in the last two days, so if she thought I was going hunting again now, she had another thought coming. “I don’t get it Jazz. Why are आप so worried?”I sighed. “This will be my first time of going through school. It’s a little different to the rest of the family who have gone through before....
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posted by CarlislesLover
This is part one of edwards POV of the conversation
Hope आप like it XXX

I was going to see Bella today as I usually did. My wife-to-be thinking about us always made me smile. “Are आप going to see Bella this morning, Edward?”Esme asked “Yes I am it’s been a while since I last saw her”
“Oh come on it’s hardly been a while just two days that’s!”Emmett was always like this when it came to me mentioning about how long I’d been away from Bella for “Emmett leave Edward alone, आप know how much he loves Bella” Carlisle was always there to shut up Emmett’s complaining “I’m...
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posted by CarlislesLover
Okay so this is happens a week before Bella and Edward are ment to get married
I hope आप like it XX

It was the weekend at last. Charlie was working and I was at घर on my own no different to any other day. I’d been led in बिस्तर for the last घंटा doing nothing which was very unlike me. I lay on my बिस्तर taking up as much अंतरिक्ष as possible on it. I felt lazy today like doing nothing just lying around , right now I wished I could have servants bringing me breakfast in bed, doing everything for me. My lovely dream was interrupted द्वारा a knock at the door. I couldn’t really be bothered to answer it,...
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Hello and welcome to the सेकंड book in the series of the Lifetime saga (Life after breaking dawn.) Hope आप enjoy!!!


Déjà vu


As being half vampire, I didn't need to breathe, but, being in shcok proved otherwise though. My "captor", whom I was scared to कन्फर्म but it was,
Cynddylan Abraxis Orphee-wait no-it was a woman! She was so beautiful and exotic and divine. She had very long black hair, which on one side was wavy and hung on her shoulders, the rest tied up in a bun. And half of her forehead was taken up द्वारा her fringe which covered her eye brow. To match she wore a very...
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All I saw was Ashley’s hands in Nikki’s face and then Nikki’s head hit a stone and she screamed. There was too much blood in the floor, Nikki was bleeding और and more, people started coming, Kristen crossed the crowd and slapped Ashley
- Bitch! Are आप crazy?? आप could have killed her! Are आप insane?
- I’m sorry ok? She kissed my boyfriend. I’m sorry! I don’t know Kristen I’m so sorry! I really like Nikki!! But I was so mad! – Ashley was crying, I’m sure she didn’t wanna hurt anybody!
- Kristen and Ashley stop!! – I said, Kristen turned around and left and Ashley looked...
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posted by decullen
i woke up to hear jake shouting my name i jumped off the सोफ़ा, सोफे and stood crooked waiting for him to come in "im so sorry bella i've been cheating on आप " he कहा in a calm tone and he then ran out the house , i lifted my hand and shot a strong bolt of electricity shuddering at the door as it torn through its structures , why had he been so calm? why didn't he explain? my प्यार torn and trampled on once again i heard a child crying i flung my body sideways to see a small baby that looked like jake, he was covered with a blanket witch had a word on it , 'canowicakte'. I lifted him gently and...
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posted by TwilightCullens
I decided to do a story from a request from bamagirl5899.


"I can't believe it Jazzy, She is a lot like Bella" I कहा as I saw the her when Edward came in. Renesme, the new edition to the Cullen family. I could'nt wait. Jasper looked like he would cry because of all the emotion in the room he felt.


"SHUT UP" snarled Edward.

Thankyou,I thought. I couldn't take anymore of this. I didn't see why Edward could feed her, he is the dad and he should get that proud moment. Edward smiled at...
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posted by TwilightCullens
I have this poster in my room and that is just the image of it.

I lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee it cause I have been looking for a poster in ages.

Yayyyy and I'm gunna put loads of them on my दीवार hehe. Twilight freak and on team Edward.


Lol. Bring on Eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lololololololololololololololololololol....ok im going to chill now.
posted by rubytuesday101
"Why are आप leaving?" i asked him "I just have to go"he कहा back to me."You cant leave me"i cried back to him "Bella i dont want you".It was like he had slapped me in the face."You.Dont.Love.Me","No"was all he said.His voice sounded hard and cold."What was last night then?"he didnt say anything he just turned his head away from me so i couldnt see his face.Then i realized what happened,i was nothing i was a girl that was not scared of him.So he took his chance,i was used.That thought made me fall and i landed on my butt,he used me he was lying all this time and last night.Something twisted...
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After the little scare we had, it has been confirmed Kellan and Ashley will be in Breaking Dawn.

The actors have reached an agreement with producers and will get an increase of $1.6 million. Both Ashley and Kellan had asked for a whole lot more, but they decided to take a lower amount and be in the फिल्में than refuse and not finish out the saga.

All Twilight प्रशंसकों out there can breathe a sigh of relief because these two important actors will be staying on board. It is hard to lose या change a character so far into the saga, because those who follow Twilight develop a relationship with the actors, especially Alice.

So, with all these money matters settled, the two actors will be ready to promote Eclipse and start filming the rest of the saga later this year.
posted by decullen
I shot up in a fright I was in a a pitch black room I was on a silk covered bed, the air was damp, the wind soothing as it bounced off my neck , I heard a smooth voice . An angel? Edward? My Edward. "Sleep, my Bella. Dream happy dreams. Your the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. Sleep, my only love." I was reassured to know that Edward was there so I slid back under the sheets and head slowly drifted away into sleep, in my dream there was a beautiful white room full of heavenly light and beautiful smells whispers echoed around me, "Sleep, my Bella. Dream happy...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
"Bella, come here, i need to put और gloss on आप and fix up your her and i sear if आप fall up on that.............""
I flashed out of my new fresh vision. Bella.
i sighed a heavy sigh for hurt still growing from the loss of my best friend.
She was pretty, all dressed up, she was surronded द्वारा people making her pretty. puzzled over what the lady holding a गुलाबी gloss towards bella, was about to say before my vision finished.

"Alice! STOP IT!!! I CAN BLOODY HEAR YOUR HEAD!!" edward roared from the deeps darkness of his room.
i fear for my brother, he never leaves his room.
He needs bella, he...
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 justt pay them?
justt pay them?
this is starting to annoying me.. this whole.... the actors are getting upset द्वारा the shortage of wage they have been offered for breaking dawn

like first ashley and kellen,,, now kristen, robert and taylor the main leads.
but to begin with ... ashley,,, who plays alice, i can quite safely say everyone here loves alice to bits,, i want to know WHAT KIND OF PRIORITIES DO SUMMIT HAVE? like? does the role of Alice meaning anything to summit? considering they earn 3/4 their monney from the twilight...
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The wait

I looked at the cold body of the unmoving body that was Jacob, waist deep in thought. What if he didn’t make it? What would happen then? I would have no life. Nothing to live for but my family. My family. They would take care of me and comfort me. It seemed like forever to get to the hospital. We were going to be to be late. My body shook and my eyes filled with tears. They fell down my cheeks like tear drops upon them. I already missed the heat of Jacob’s body that radiated all around him, surrounding warmth around everyone near. The silver Volvo came to a sudden halt. I lifted...
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posted by decullen
11 months ago.
He left me,they all left me. But in a way I guessed I still have him, well part of him. It all had started when I realised that my period was late and I had been getting morning sickness for almost a week. द्वारा five weeks I could see the bump getting bigger.
The baby was half vampire because I couldn't eat. All she wanted was blood, blood and even और BLOOD!
I had an unexpected shock, Carlisle came.Alice must have knew that I was pregnant. 4 weeks later Carlisle done my C-section, if I had left it any later the baby would of killed me.Carlisle told Charlie about वैंपायर and werewolf's...
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