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9. सूपरनॅचुरल POWERS

Twilight, the first novel as part of the Twilight series द्वारा Stephanie Meyer is excruciatingly addictive as it is ubiquitous – there’s always someone buried head deep into a Twilight book either on the train, bus, समुद्र तट या at the park.

Whilst the latest of the series Eclipse is now heading for our cinemas, lets go back to the first of the series Twilight to see where all the madness began. Sorry to all the Jacob Black प्रशंसकों out there!

(Warning: If आप haven’t read Twilight there are numerous plot giveaways in this blog)

From: link
I hope everybody came to know abt this news, but still,


the TWILIGHT प्रशंसकों are going to have films to watch but they wont be coming to theatre .

these are going to be aired exclusively on FACEBOOK

refer this: 4 और details

posted by snuggles123
twilight is a classical प्यार story a boy that can प्यार someone so fragile so human Edward Cullen is a vempire and he is to stong to प्यार anyone but his kind but he is never happy he is in a world that he thinks has no soul but Bella हंस dosn't think of it that way so is is true प्यार makeing true प्यार work he can't live without her he tryed but he fell apart in his own lonley sorrow.
i प्यार twilight myself it is the BEST
go onto my page at

people think that twilight is just a कल्पना but in its own world it there own romeo and juliet
Hello Dear Reader,
I am लेखन an original novel and I wanted people to at least hear the word of it before I tried to get it out in the world. It's called "The Death Contracts, Vol. 1: GLIMPSE" and it's the story of the main character named Astrid Marker.
The reason why I'm posting this link everywhere I know possible is because I want fans. Desperate? No. और like curious to see how many people can review what I have so far and tell me what they think. I have the first 8 Chapters पोस्टेड on my प्रोफ़ाइल at the website figment.com, the link to it plus the synopsis is straight below, but I wanted...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Chapter 8
I ached for Jacob to hold me up into his arms. I needed him, I knew wither knew no matter what that is Jacob was here right now that he would make this pain go away.

I cried out in the back seat, I had no clue what Alice and Edward were bickering back and further about outside, I wanted answers, this is so ridiculous. I mean first the run in with Jacob and Embry that was absolutely confusing and infuriating to begin with.
I felt burning, stinging, stabs sensations from my stomach, my muscles were constricting, and there was nothing I could do, but rock and whimper some tears.

The only...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Chapter 7

Coming out the ladies room was the most embarrassing moment of my life. And I have a long record of humiliating moments. I would really hate for Edward to look at me and think I am weird after randomly vomiting at the cinema out the of blue. Not to mention, Alice was frantic all over me, checking my forehead for a temperature, and pulling the hair out of my face. I honestly felt like I was helpless and Alice had to look after me. When her skin touched my face it stung from the cold, just like Edward’s. My stomach pretty much hated me at this point. I felt like yelling after the fifth...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Chapter 6
Sleeping was hard when आप had gear stick poking आप in the नितंब, गधा all night. After being with Jacob for the सेकंड time in twenty four hours, we were too tired to make ourselves back up into my बिस्तर to get some sleep after so we just slept in the car. I’ve never done that before, it’s not like me.
I knew Charlie, या maybe the whole town would have something to say about that, if they saw us sneak out of the car half naked sneaking our back into the house late at night. So we played our cards सुरक्षित and stayed in the car.
Jacob’s peaceful sleeping body leaned against the window, from...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Description: Post breaking dawn. Bella is reborn to a vampire and forever is ahead. All never expected a vampiric power so scandalous as Bella’s. What does a vampire and the vampire world do with a vampire who can still reproduce? Reproduce their own. Born with the most envious powers known to the vampire world?

Okay guys this idea might sound absolutely stupid to some people, but I’ve wanted to explore this. Because I’m a romantic and savior the moments and turn them precious.
I own no rights to the characters, plot या copyright of the Twilight franchise या of the Twilight saga itself....
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Chapter 5
"Hey Bella, well I was hoping, आप know I wouldn't ask आप unless you’re were the last resort cause I hate to be a pain, but do आप mind driving me home? I just got a text from Alice, she went घर like an घंटा ago, the school nurses sent her home, her headache was getting worse.
Edward asked on our way out the front doors.
Everyone was rushing like a tornado out the front door all at once, everyone was excited for the weekend. Which made me wonder, it’s not like they have something super exciting happening, nothing is really exciting here.
Edward's सवाल startled me, but I didn’t...
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posted by babycake415
I LOVED this book series! The सेकंड I picked up, I was done. I just couldn't put it down! I'm sorry but Harry Potter हटाइए aside! The way the लेखक used such detail was amazing I loved it. I wish to one दिन see the फिल्में but for now Ill just keep on पढ़ना like the nerd I am. I got all my फ्रेंड्स sucked into it and many of them very much enjoy it.
I think in the whole series, my प्रिय character was Nellie we didnt get much of a glimpse about her but i was fascinated द्वारा her.
posted by KatiiCullen94
Chapter 4
My night with Jacob was fantastic. Better then fantastic. I couldn’t had imagined losing my virginity any better, and with a better person.
However I would be lying through my teeth if I didn’t say I was still sore. It’s not like everyone talks about, या seen on TV. But now that I’ve experienced it, I fully understand why couples keep their sex life private. Last night was just Jacob and I, no one else, our प्यार shown in physical form. When I was ten my mother spilled the bird and the bee's talk. I wasn’t really fused on the whole concept, merely due to the fact that I was...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Chapter 3

I stumbled to gather what Jacob just said. I just कहा what the first thing that flowed out of my mouth, and quite frankly what my दिल to screaming out to me at this point.
"Yes," I moored. I sensed his body come closer, His hand traced along my arm to my shoulder then my collarbone to my cheek.
Ahh no, that’s not I meant.
“I mean no, I wouldn’t slap, but yes आप can किस me…please” My दिल was pounding so hard in my cheat my voice began to stutter.
His hands were so warm, soothing, it made the hairs on my arms stand up. I felt his breath on my lips, warming them, his scent...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Chapter 2

“Hey Dad, I'm going to the Blacks to see Jacob after school, do आप think आप can organize your own dinner?" I asked during my rush down the stairs. I was running late for school for the third दिन in this week.
I hope that Charlie understands that when I कहा organize, I mean order पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा या anything that on a piece of paper stuck on our fridge. I want to come घर to a house, not a pile ash.
"Ok Bells, one cheese पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा should be easy" he snickered. Charlie had been दिया days off from work lately for his back. He fell in a puddle while taking out the trash, I learnt that दिन my...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
In the Normal World
A/N Edward has not been introduced yet.
Chapter 1

I never planned to say goodbye to my mother, not at this stage. I always thought I’d live with her till I was older. But now that I’m standing in her embrace at the Arizona airport , that statement could mean nothing और than me actually getting to my fathers.
My father Charlie lives in Forks, where he still lives in the very house that his marriage between him and my mother failed, and where I was born. I'd had to turn to my father after living with my mother had become difficult on her new marriage.

Charlie picked me...
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 I got Bella
I got Bella
Came across this quiz. Pretty fun to play. Find out which Twilight character आप are! It will ask आप series of सवालों to tell आप which twilight character your personality matches the most.

Takes about 1 मिनट to complete and आप can take it as many times as आप want.


I took the क्विज़ and I got Bella, but retaking it got me Edward. It was somewhat predictable, but still awesome.

twilight, kristen stewart, robert pattinson, edward, bella, breaking dawn, twilightguy, kaleb nation
posted by JacobBlackFever
Twilight Fan-Fiction

Cake scene

~Bella's Point of view~
I felt my दिल pumping,My lovely daughter was getting married to jake it's like my whole life was turned around,Renesmee with jake I so happy when I see Jacob with a suit he reminds me of my dance with him at my wedding

~Edward's point of view~
"Bella,I'm so happy our daughters getting married"
I saw Jacob walking towards us with a happy smile

~Jacob's point of view~
'Hey Bella,Edward I can't believe that it's me and renesmee's wedding"
I was so scared inside and happy on the outside,Everytime I see Nessie with the Beautiful Wedding गाउन I feel so happy and exciting, I over Heard Edward calling my name over the loud. Music,I bet it won't be good........TO BE CONTINUED;)
posted by countrygirl2008
I tensed. Her fragrance was so shattering it was almost unbearable. Carlisle? Please tell me आप don’t regret last night she cried in a whisper. It hit me then at what she thought. Dye no I don’t regret anything. आप are the beginning and the end of my world. Look at me I told her. Then why the tension she asked as her brown eyes met mine. I’m sorry but this vampire thing is all to new to me and you’re a little to tempting. आप have a beautiful fragrance though. I gave her a weak smile. I’m sorry I had forgotten .Having आप here is all I care about. All I could feel was sorrow. How...
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posted by KaylaLovesYou
Okay so I have written a story similar to this. Same concept just और different. The other story I पोस्टेड was/is on fanfiction.net I wrote that story years पूर्व and now looking back at it, I want to change it up and fix my grammar and what not. This story picks up right after new moon before eclipse. No Victoria battle, no चुंबन Jake, no marriage, no Renesmee, at least idk yet. (; Enjoy. Review. Please.

What if Edward and Jacob left Bella for a while and as this time alone for her, causes her pain, और pain then they ever imagined. She turns...
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I understand that I will probably get a lot of hate crime for this but I don't care THE WORLD DESEVES TO KNOW! THE TRUTH!
why harry potter is better than twilight.

1. HP प्रशंसकों don't rely on characters looks to like a story/movie.

2. even though twilight has good romantic scenes they have nothing else! HP has romance, action, adventure, friendship, even death!

3. OH and in twilight I didn't know that blood doesn't come out of your head या neck when आप chop it off!

4. HP is for females males and for all ages. Twilight is for teenage girls! I am a teenage girl and I even hate twilight!

5. J.K Rowling...
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posted by bookworm4nero
Chapter 5
Alice caught whiff of the stench, the stench of a werewolf. Bella immediately noticed the change in Alice’s face and knew something was wrong “What is it?” “He’s here” Alice answered rushing to the door. “Who is ‘he’?” Bella did not have to wait long to find out because when Alice wrenched open the door before he had the chance to ring the doorbell, she caught sight of him in all his glory.

His face was etched with worry making him look even hotter, his checked कमीज, शर्ट had its buttons at the चोटी, शीर्ष undone दिखा रहा है a hint of the glory of muscles underneath his कमीज, शर्ट and...
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