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posted by jacob_lover5253
Here is Jacob's POV!

End of Chapter 4.

Chapter 4. (Bella)

"Is that no we won't विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें या no i can't go"


"Get out of my house!" I कहा angerly. As soon as he was out of my room I
slammed my window shut.

A rock hit my window. What now?

Chapter 6. (Jacob)

Throwing a rock at her window was stupid. I probably scared her. She looked out her window shocked.
She opened it. "Jacob, what are आप doing here? I thought आप were getting here tomorrow."

Yup, I was right Billy got to Charlie and Charlie got to Bella. "Just get out of the way." Once
she was out of the way I was in her bedroom. We sat and talked. She asked me why I left. I told her that I couldn't handle some things that were going on. Then she कहा that I could have stayed with her.

I laughed and she laughed. That's when his smell hit me. I didn't हटाइए I just kept laughing so Bella didn't find out he's here. Finally he left. I heard him stumble and fall.

Bella fell asleep while we were talking. I stayed the night to make sure she was okay. She layed her arm on my bare chest. Bella was talking in her sleep. Just then I heard Charlie. I got up quietly and hid in her closet.

I heard the door open as he peeked his head in. Great it's morning time already. As soon as Charlie went into the bathroom I jumped out of her window.

I walked around to the front of the house and knocked on the door. Charlie answered within minutes.

"Hey, Jacob, hold on I'll get her." Wow it's like he can read my mind. I heard him walking up the creaking steps. "Bells, आप awake, Jacob is here."


Thank-you for reading...next one will be up soon
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