टीवी की महिला चरित्रों TV Female Characters Picture Contest ♥

damongirlfriend posted on Jun 14, 2011 at 01:21AM
I think it's a good idea to keep the spot active; and remember our favorite tv girlsღ

I'll give you a subject. so you Post the picture about the subject and after I post a pick 1.-the winner get 8 props
2.-the second place get 6 props
3.-the third place get 4 props
and all the contestants get 2 props for For participating (only the first and second round)

Note: "In the event that only three or two people participate
and the second or third place will not receive any vote
so this person not receive props"

1 round You favorite female character of all the times
winner: Radvile

2 round tv female characters smiling.

3 round female characters crying.
Winner: serenate_brucas

4 round Female characters Best friends.
Winner: Radvile

5 round sisters
Winner: othpop6668

6 round mothers with her childrens.
Winner: Celina

7 round Female characters with Mask or Costume
Winner: Elina1996

8 round HBIC.
Winner: damongirlfriend

9 round a female character that appear in the banner

10 round a female character dead:

11 round a female character that you hate
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