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Opinion by Makeupdiva posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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This is just going to be a सूची of my प्रिय girls. Sadly I haven't seen enough of Game of thrones, The Walking dead, Teen भेड़िया या American Horror Story to add a character from them. I'd like to add Danaerys, I probably spelled her name wrong but I am just so fasinated द्वारा her from GOT, but I can't say she is a प्रिय as I've only seen 1 episode so far of the show, which is just really sad. I hope आप enjoy.

1.Hanna Marin - Pretty Little Liars - Seasons 1 - 7

I प्यार Hanna. She's very sarcastic which I think is what drew me to her. She can stand up for herself, she's very confident and stands up for her friends. I think she was a true friend. I know if Hanna were a real person, I would want her to be my friend. Plus she has awesome fashion sense.

2. Rachel Green - फ्रेंड्स - Seasons 1 - 10

Rachel has always been my favorite, ever since I first watched the show, which was in like 2002. I know I was really late at watching Friends. I just think she is awesome with an awesome sense of humor, however she has terrible taste...
Opinion by HoltNLucy4Ever posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Ever since I first started watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I've always felt that एंजल was a better match for Buffy than Spike. To me, Bangel is the perfect couple and they're soul mates who are star-crossed प्रेमी like Romeo and Juliet. They've had to deal with things that no other couple have had to deal with but yet they've come out strong in the end. एंजल is the one that Buffy truly is meant to be with because she told him she was cookie dough and not fully baked while एंजल told her that he wasn't getting any older. They have been through a lot and I will always प्यार them. I've always been Bangel and I will always be Bangel. What they have is an epic प्यार story and one of forbidden प्यार because they're not supposed to प्यार each other simply because he's a vampire and she's the slayer. Anyone who would प्यार them like I प्यार them understands that they are meant to be together and even Sarah Michelle Gellar who played Buffy herself has कहा in interviews that Buffy belongs with एंजल and that she supports Bangel. I have always believed that they will end up together after Angel's prophecy is fulfilled and he is human once और because then Bangel can be together without...
Opinion by BTR_Cascada posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Ok these मशहूर हस्तियों are my favourite try their pics plz plz plz here,s the सूची of my चोटी, शीर्ष 10 female मशहूर हस्तियों and टिप्पणी दे how did they look plz :) 1: Sumbul Iqbal 2: Mahnoor Baloch 3: Aiza Khan 4: Sarwat Gillani 5: Neelam Muneer 6: Ayesha Umer 7: Ayesha Khan 8: Mehwish Hayat 9: Ushan Shah 10: Sajal Ali ok now plz plz plz watch their pics and टिप्पणी दे how did they look plz :)
Opinion by Albiee posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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हे all. It's Albiee with an idea for this site that may be fun for आप all to do. {Inspired द्वारा Fetchgirl2366 on The ग्ली Spot}

As Everyone Loves A Good Female Character, I thought we should do a yearbook for fans, to celebrate how much we प्यार them. If we like it we can do it every year. Anyway, I decided to come up with a yearbook on my own. {Copied From Fetchgirl2366} Yes, the TV Female Characters प्रशंसक site on फैन्पॉप is going to have their first Fanpop-Females Yearbook!

As usual, yearbooks have notables in them. Here are some notables that I plan to have in the yearbook:

Notables for Fanpop-Females Yearbook:
Best Fanpop-Females Friendship (1 Fanpop-Females pairing=2 people)
Most Outgoing Fanpop-Females (1 Fanpop-Female)
Team Leader & Co-Leader Fanpop-Females (1 Fanpop-Female for leader, and 1 for secondmost leading Fanpop-Female)
प्रिय "Dedicated Fan" Fanpop-Female (1 Fanpop-Female; has to be someone with a dedicated प्रशंसक medal)
List by BihterBehlul posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Of these girls who is the best Queen?

1. होल्ली, होली Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell in Charmed

2. Sandra Oh as Cristina Young in Grey's Anatomy

3. Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

5. Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries

6. Hannah Murray as Cassie Ainsworth in Skins

7. Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin in Pretty Little Liars

8. Beren Saat as Bihter Yoreoglu Ziyagil in Ask-i Memnu

9. Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews Halliwell in Charmed

10. Nina Dobrev as Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries

11. Diana Agron as Quinn Fabray in Glee

12. Blair Lively as Serena वैन, वान der Woodsen in Gossip Girl

13. Ashley Tisdale as Savannah Monroe in Hellcats

14. Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars

15. Sophia झाड़ी, बुश as Brooke Davis in One पेड़ Hill
List by willow96 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Well ,I decided to write this लेख in order to दिखाना आप my favouriteFemale characters and write some things about them.

So here we go !!!!

10.Shannon Rutherford ,Lost Season 1-2 ,played द्वारा Maggie Grace.
Shannon Rutherford is Boone Carlyle's step-sister. She suffers from asthma but is ashamed to admit it. After Boone's death, she tries to kill John Locke, responsible for the tragic accident. She is killed द्वारा Ana-Lucia Cortez.

9.Quinn James ,One पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल Season 7-8 ,played द्वारा Shantel VanSanten.
Quinn James is one of the five siblings of Haley James Scott. Free spirited and artistic, she found herself at a crossroads in her life after leaving her husband David after discovering that he had become like a stranger to her. In need of direction, she returned to her hometown of पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल to spend time with Haley and her family desperate for an indication as to what she should do with her life. After David arrived in पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल to try and reconcile with her, she asked him for a divorce and started to rely on Nathan's agent, Clay Evans, for support.