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Ricky rocks in court.
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From FIFTY SHADES OF TRAILER PARK BOYS: TPB in the Great Comedic Traditions. In paperback now at and other retailers, also available from bookstores and libraries worldwide:

Julian, Ricky & Bubbles in the Tradition of Freudian Psychology

    Like many comedic heroes, Julian (John Paul Tremblay), Ricky (Robb Wells) and Bubbles (Mike Smith) are everyday men. They’re in the working class या lower, relatively uneducated, indulgent of liquor and drugs, sex and pornography and other vices. This puts them squarely in various comedic traditions, but primarily they...
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Last year, I took up लेखक Fletcher Rhoden’s offer to post my book “Stonecraft” on his self-named website. Not long ago, the new online publisher Blujesto Press approached Rhoden with an offer to acquire the rights to several of his books. They made me an offer too, not just for “Stonecraft” but a number of other books, including my novella series “This Young Jesus”. My पुस्तकें came out first, and as I ready my सेकंड TYJ novella, “Hostage” for a Blujesto release, six of Rhoden’s पुस्तकें have hit the लोकप्रिय new format. Since he interviewed me when my पुस्तकें came out, I’m...
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