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Multicouples // Requiem for a dream

बार्बी & Julia ll Stay with me

बार्बी and Julia / We might fall

Jarbie ll Here Without आप

बार्बी and Julia - I'll fight

बार्बी and Julia / Stay with me [2x13]

बार्बी and Julia - Crimes

Dale and Julia - Stay with me

बार्बी and Julia ll For only आप

बार्बी & Julia ll Life without आप

बार्बी and Julia (Under the Dome) ll There are no boundaries

बार्बी & Julia (Under the Dome) - Certain Things

Julia & बार्बी - Shattered

बार्बी & Julia | I am holding on [2x08]

Barbie & Julia ll Your Soul

बार्बी and Julia : It's Not सुरक्षित Out Here(Under the Dome 2x08)

Multicouples ♥ Crazy In प्यार

Naomi & Liam - Off to the races

Multicouples | My inmortal (For Irina)

We Found प्यार // Katniss & Peeta

too late {Katniss&Peeta}

टाइटैनिक - आप Jump, I Jump scene

♪multicouples ■ walking on आग ♪ [100 subbers! THANK YOU! :D] - YouTube

Multicouples | A Thousand Years

COLLAB: Shattered [movie couples]

प्यार Out Of Lust | Multi-Couples

I Need आप

Chuck&Blair (+Nate) - The Way I Loved आप

The Notebook - The Way That I Loved आप

The Notebook - Allie&Noah // The Way I Loved आप

The Way I Loved आप - Multifandom

The Way I Loved You-Peyton/Jake/Lucas

Julian/Peyton/Lucas- The Way I Loved आप

brooke&lucas / julian | the way I loved आप

Multi-Fandom "Love Story" (Taylor Swift)

The Time Traveler's Wife | Clare&Henry

Multi-Fandom: Lois & Clark | Lucas & Peyton - Sunday Morning

The Notebook - Swallowed in the Sea

(Lois&Clark): Far Away

Smallville-Clana-Far Away

Chlavis - The Reason

नेली And Jamie 6x24

Brulian Proposal

Lois and Clark // All This Time

Moments with Anne and Gilbert (Anne Of Green Gables)

When You're Gone - Landon about Jamie

Tristan & Isolde- What hurts the Most - Cascada

Lois & Clark ~ The Way I Am

Rory says I प्यार आप to Logan (gilmore girls)

स्मॉल्विल Icarus Clois Proposal

The Sweetest Of Words Have The Bitterest Taste | Damon/Elena

It was only just a Dream...

किस from a Rose

someone like आप (nate/blair/dan)

Fabray The Fangirl

Multifandom Couples - Dice

brooke&lucas 'fate has brought us here...'

Tony/Ziva || "I just want आप to know who I am"

tiva - "what will आप say?" (8x04)

nate+serena; wires

Nate & Serena - द्वारा My Side You'll Never Be

B& D/C/L ;; I cant take it, knowing somebody's got my baby. 4x20

s t a y ; multifandom

►Emma & Adam | Animal {No Strings Attached}

life without आप | chuck&blair

brooke & lucas - time of our lives.

BROOKE & LUCAS║i like it [+download link]

►Brooke/Lucas ● Teenage Dream

brooke & lucas ; just a dream

'we are turning into dust.. (brooke/lucas)

Lucas&Brooke - Yeah आप bleed just to know your alive.

sorry (brooke/lucas)

[ Brooke / Lucas ] || एंजल Gabriel • 70th VIDEO •

Brooke/Lucas - In my head

Brooke/Lucas-My Sweet Thing

Brooke & Lucas: Made for आप

Brooke and Lucas : You're my heroine

►Lucas/Peyton ● Just The Way आप Are

Lucas&Peyton || Wherever आप Will Go

Leyton - Everything

Lucas&Peyton | My प्यार

प्रेमी at a great divide

Barney&Robin | All This Time

Ron&Hermione | Lights will guide आप घर

Ron&Hermione | With My Whole दिल

Jack & Rose | Beside आप

Landon&Jamie || A Walk To Remember - All The Same

{A Walk to Remember} Jamie&Landon; Heaven (Little द्वारा Little)

Jamie/Landon - Airplanes (A Walk To Remember)

Jamie/Landon - Breathe In Breathe Out

Landon/Jamie - I dare आप to हटाइए

Don't tell me if I'm dying | Landon and Jamie

a walk to remember | Jamie & Landon | ♥

landon/jaмιe - my प्यार

a प्यार that will never be; but आप & me.. ♡

Caroline + Tyler | Come here boy | Damon + Elena

"Analyse this"

"I had a thing for a girl once..."

* Nathan & Haley * चुंबन आप *

Chuck;Blair | 4x18 | Say Goodbye In The Pouring Rain...