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This तारा, स्टार Wars: Clone Wars चित्र might contain हस्ताक्षर, पोस्टर, पाठ, चॉकबोर्ड, साइन, साइन इन करें, टीवी रिसीवर, टेलीविजन, टेलीविजन सेट, टीवी, टीवी सेट, बुद्धू बक्से, उल्लू ट्यूब, आंख मारना बॉक्स, बेवकूफ बॉक्स, टेलि, टेली, व्यापार जिले, शहर, व्यापार जिला, and डाउनटाउन.

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Okay,I have an awesome episode idea came to mind. What if in a Clone Wars episode, Ahoska get suspious if her Master, becuase he seems to be अभिनय strangely and unormal on a misson. And the reason of his strange behaviour, is becuase of who is on this misson with them, the one and only, Padme' Amidala, (did I spell the name right)? Anakin seems to act diffrent around her, and Ahoska notices. And Ahoska decides to सवाल her Master . . . Hm, what would he do and say? This is an idea and I wanted to know what other प्रशंसकों thought. So, what do आप think?
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Up चोटी, शीर्ष General Grievous laught as he was witness to the numerous Jedi, fighting off the force mines with their talents only to be blown to dust much quicker."Don't laugh to early my dear general, they too have had a surprise for us.Poggle says his colony may not survive if those in the tunnels are not stopped before they reach the nest again." Warned Count Dooku.Grievous laughter had him choking as he informed his counter part."You are right my lord, but the nest is well guarded." Dooku furrowed his brow."How do आप mean?"
"Those jedi scum we imprisoned guard her majesty. A present to the colony...
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The fundraiser was a mess of royals and other such dignitaries. Rex thanked the force, that the senator had दिया him a book on ettiquet days before. Though as it was he couldn't recall a damned thing. Women old and young had practically hounded him since he'd been announced. It hadn't mattered that he was a clone या a mere captain. The old ones wanted to dance, while the younger ones wanted something in a different direction all together. The young men present engaged him in talking about sports and what lady या ladies had caught his eye. He talked adamently about sports,but the women. Well...
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"Ahsoka will आप stay after class.I have something to discuss with you." Commander Flash कहा to his upper classmen's explosives class. Sharp looked back at Ahsoka questionably. She only shrugged. As the घंटी, बेल rang the snickers and jabs began as the cadets left the room. Sharp said."I'll wait for आप outside." Ahsoka nodded as she approached the Commander's desk.Commander Flash smiled, and for not the first time Ahsoka wondered if he got his name from his शार्क like smile."Congradulations Ahsoka." He came out from behind his डेस्क moving his droid dekar with the hand controls. Shock registered,"For...
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Taking a moment Ahsoka rubbed at a spot on her new leg, then continued on to her explosives class.
Anakin and Rex stepped onto the elevator, taking them to the information meeting being held in the adjoining room of the Jedi council's. Rex remembered the scene. Refugee's running from forest's safety retelling how a group of Jedi had come to help them हटाइए to a safer camp only to be captured या cut down द्वारा the Seperatist's tinnies. Anakin broke into his thoughts."Ahsoka's settling down nicely into her routine. In fact she's betting...
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The sun illuminated the medi tent just enough for Anakin's tired eye's to see the cost of war. Ruffling winding sheets to numerous to count. Lent one to believe that the dead were merely sleeping and not corpses. Jedi along with trooper had paid a high price for victory. No one would remain unscathed, emotionally या physically. Anakin considered himself lucky as he'd only लॉस्ट his mech arm and light saber. The prize of a droid tank. Ahsoka hadn't been so lucky. Unwittingly, she had stepped on a landmine. Force pushing had saved her life and her men's, but at a cost. Anakin walked to the front...
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