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This तारा, स्टार Wars: Clone Wars चित्र might contain हस्ताक्षर, पोस्टर, पाठ, चॉकबोर्ड, साइन, साइन इन करें, टीवी रिसीवर, टेलीविजन, टेलीविजन सेट, टीवी, टीवी सेट, बुद्धू बक्से, उल्लू ट्यूब, आंख मारना बॉक्स, बेवकूफ बॉक्स, टेलि, टेली, व्यापार जिले, शहर, व्यापार जिला, and डाउनटाउन.

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This is a sad and very emotional scene ever in तारा, स्टार Wars history!
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posted by mhs1025
Nakoma was badly injured in a battle and was taken to Coruscant Hospital for immediate treatment. She was unconscious, but breathing. While unconscious, she went to another world. Another world like...the heavens. She looked around for a मिनट या two. "Nakoma." called a little voice. Nakoma turned to see who called her name. And she couldn't believe who it was. It was her little brother, Rafe!

Nakoma ran to Rafe and hugged him like there was no tomorrow. Rafe did the same. "Open your mouth." he said. Nakoma got confused. "Open your mouth, you'll see!" Rafe pleaded excitedly. Nakoma did what...
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posted by kelseyjayne25
Obi-wan stepped out of the transformation chamber, once again feeling himself but without the beard. He wouldn't feel completely himself until his hair grew back. With help from a special pill, that wouldn't take long, thankfully. He made his way to the prison, Rako Hardeen's clothes in a neat pile in his arms.

When he arrived before Rako he कहा "Well Hardeen, आप are free to go now. For your trouble I can help आप secure the ship of your dreams and here are enough credits for a crew, along with your payment for the job we hired आप for."

Hardeen's eyes widened but then he just nodded. "All...
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posted by lovingflame
"Amazing young Morgan,you are." कहा the gravily voice from behind her. Turning मॉर्गन held the door for the master."Joy's of a short life, my friend. I hope for once you've come here out of और pleasurable persuits." Master Yoda shook his head sadly."Unfortunate it is that it is not so." He टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे as they entered into the Jedi Archieves building. "Will आप be attending tommorrow's test?" मॉर्गन asked without a smile."Unwise it is to hazard ones self as आप do it is." Many of the passing occupants steered away from the couple. Some pitied the master as he'd been accosted द्वारा such a pitiful...
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While Anakin was talking, a gust of wind came up frightening the S'alebacians. They gestured wildly to each other and ran to hide behind the ruined building.
"They're scared too death," Ahsoka कहा shuddering against the tide of emotions she felt.
"Captain Rex, आप and your troopers brace yourselves," Sinube said, "A bad storm is coming."
"Master,look!" Ahsoka yelled above the increasing noise. She pointed off in the distanse.
Sinube followed her pointing arm. Anakin gasped at what he saw. It was a storm unlike he'd ever seen.
"Take cover!!"
Anakin, Ahsoka, and the clone troopers followed the aliens....
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The TWILIGHT landed in the midst of a downpour, the 'NIGHTMARE right beside her.
The ground was muddy and the ramp made a squishy sound when it hit the ground. Master Sinube, Anakin and Ahsoka donned their Jedi robes the hoods up. Rex and the troopers put on their helmuts and stood in the mud. The clone captain had to surpress a shiver seeing the damage. Sgt Coric took a atmospheric पढ़ना and discovered it was alright for human, Togrutans and Cosians.
Ahsoka grabbed ahold of Anakin's right arm.
Anakin followed her gaze and felt a disturbance in the Force. It wasn't bad...just...
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Admiral Yularen wished them luck as they boarded the TWILIGHT and a gunship that the troopers called "GRIEVOUS' WORST NIGHTMARE" because they had inflicted massive damage to Grievous' personal ship SOULESS ONE on a पूर्व mission. A primitive rendition of the cyborg general graced the ship's nose. In the artwork Grievous is getting a blaster bolt to his backside.
The TWILIGHT and the 'NIGHTMARE flew towards the planet the two ships reacting to the storms over the planet.
"Shields up!" Anakin called out to them.
Master Sinube hung on and closed his eyes. It had been many years since he had been...
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posted by lovingflame
"For most of आप men this isn't your first time on this bug infested spit of rock. But lets not get sloppy out there, go over their weaknesses and strengths. Hopefully these new gernades don't turn out to be dudds या we'll all be in a lot of trouble." Rex talked to his men as they landed on the sands of Geinosis. Every time they came here he was reminded of the time General Skywalker and Ahsoka had thrown him over the wall. So since then he'd made sure never to eat before coming here. He frowned,as he thought about how मॉर्गन had been avoiding his सवालों about Ahsoka. Shaking his head, as...
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"That was pretty impressive, Nakoma!" Anakin कहा trying to catch his breath. Nakoma nodded in thanks. The two had been sent to Geonosis to talk to a greedy senator. When they got done with the talk, they found themselves ambushed! It turns out- the senator caused the ambush, which led Anakin and Nakoma to arrest him. The two got on the ship with the imprisoned senator. "Wait until Padme hears about this." Anakin muttered.

When they got back to Coruscant, guards were informed about the senator and led him to his cell. Anakin and Nakoma were later met up द्वारा Obi-Wan. "How was your 1st mission...
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posted by lovingflame
The sun illuminated the medical tent just enough for Anakin's tired eye's to see the cost of war. Ruffling winding sheets to numerous to count, lent one to believe that the dead were merely sleeping. Not corpses. Jedi along with trooper had paid the high price of victory. No one would remain unscathed, emotionally and या physically. Anakin considered himself lucky as he'd only लॉस्ट his mech. arm and saber. A prize of a droid's tank blast, Ahsoka hadn't been so lucky. As he walked slowly towards the tent's front, nodding and kneeling to the injured giving a moment's worth of time. Sargent Finger's...
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posted by mhs1025
Obi-Wan and Anakin were in battle with droids when Obi-Wan's daughter Ivory was watching over her dad. Every time this happened, she prayed like crazy hoping he wouldn't get hurt. "Any strategies Master?" Anakin asked impatiently. "Not yet." Obi-Wan answered. "Well I think आप better come up with one! NOW!" Anakin yelled. "Just give me a moment Anakin!" Obi-Wan stated getting agitated. Anakin wanted to slap him upside the head because of the person leading the battle. The person who lead it was Asajj Ventress! Ventress had decided to end her and Obi-Wan's "friendship" for no apparent reason....
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