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posted by alexischaos2004
Silver was finally where he wanted to be, the perfect place for him to be in peace and not have such a noisy सड़क, स्ट्रीट to be living on. He was resting at Crisis City, the restored Crisis City after the devastating event that happened in the past, which was near the end of the world. Luckily, that event didn't come to the world's end and the whole world of Mobius was safe. "It's nice to finally visit Crisis City again, a और peaceful one." The hedgehog mumbled to himself, breathing in and out normally.

Silver loved the peaceful era of the area. He thought about visiting Crisis City और often, but probably wouldn't since the douchebag named Sonic would most likely interrupt the peaceful moments Silver would have. "I just don't want Sonic to have story time adventures with me whenever he would barge into my business." He कहा to himself, looking up at the bright blue sky. Now, he heard skates coming towards him, who was it? Obviously, it would be Shadow the hedgehog. "Oh hi, Shadow." Silver greeted Shadow, getting up and smiling at him with a delighted expression added on his face.

"Hey. What's up?" Shadow asked, greeting Silver back. "Nothing. Just enjoying this place." Silver responded, moving his head from left to right, looking at the gray cement that surrounded the big city. "Yeah, this place can be really great to relax at. I usually come here." The black hedgehog nodded in agreement. "Agreed. Speaking of places, want to go possibly find somewhere new?" Silver asked, eager to go on a new adventure, maybe one that will actually bring him और action to use.

"Sure, I could use some kicking ass." Shadow nodded, his left hand glowing in red bright energy. "Alright." Silver smiled, now hovering in place.
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posted by alphawhitewolf
1. First of all I'm going to talk about shadows voice अभिनय in sonic generations when आप reach the end shadow will say "you got this sonic" wtf just hear it for yourself
2. In sonic cd there is a secret message that looks like sonic combine with Mario and I was like Wtf
3. In sonic 06 there is a lot of wtf moments in there but ill name one the किस freakin Elise किस sonic in the ahhhh wtf
4. In sonic लॉस्ट world why the heck is eggman freakin faster than sonic how is that even possible wtf
-Sonic is running down the hull of one of Eggman's ships. He jumps to destroy the robots blocking his path and heads for the cockpit. (Imagine Sonic unleashed. Kind of like that. He doesn't turn Super though. He's Also in space, again.)-
Sonic: Well Eggman? What do आप think of me foiling your plan again?
Eggman: I have to say, आप have had many lucky streaks.
Sonic: Lucky Streaks? HAH! Don't make me laugh!
Eggman: But this is your final one!
-Eggman pushes a button and the biggest robot आप could imagine appears. (Imagine Sonic the size of an ant. It's a BIG room.)-
Sonic: When are आप gonna learn...
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