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posted by alexischaos2004
Silver was finally where he wanted to be, the perfect place for him to be in peace and not have such a noisy सड़क, स्ट्रीट to be living on. He was resting at Crisis City, the restored Crisis City after the devastating event that happened in the past, which was near the end of the world. Luckily, that event didn't come to the world's end and the whole world of Mobius was safe. "It's nice to finally visit Crisis City again, a और peaceful one." The hedgehog mumbled to himself, breathing in and out normally.

Silver loved the peaceful era of the area. He thought about visiting Crisis City और often, but probably wouldn't since the douchebag named Sonic would most likely interrupt the peaceful moments Silver would have. "I just don't want Sonic to have story time adventures with me whenever he would barge into my business." He कहा to himself, looking up at the bright blue sky. Now, he heard skates coming towards him, who was it? Obviously, it would be Shadow the hedgehog. "Oh hi, Shadow." Silver greeted Shadow, getting up and smiling at him with a delighted expression added on his face.

"Hey. What's up?" Shadow asked, greeting Silver back. "Nothing. Just enjoying this place." Silver responded, moving his head from left to right, looking at the gray cement that surrounded the big city. "Yeah, this place can be really great to relax at. I usually come here." The black hedgehog nodded in agreement. "Agreed. Speaking of places, want to go possibly find somewhere new?" Silver asked, eager to go on a new adventure, maybe one that will actually bring him और action to use.

"Sure, I could use some kicking ass." Shadow nodded, his left hand glowing in red bright energy. "Alright." Silver smiled, now hovering in place.
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posted by KnucklesKnuckie
when shadow and Amy where walk down another बिना सोचे समझे hallway they heard the static shadow looked around grabbed Amy's hand and ran down the hall way when the sound stopped shadow turned to a door on the other side was a dark room and they went inside it was dark they couldn't see
Amy-*about to cry* sha-sha- shadow im scared espio is gone im scared
shadow - it's ok Amy
then a loud banging noise boomed on the walls shadow and Amy got suprized when it started and they ran out the door and down the अगला hallway they found a टोकरा shadow opened it and inside was a note from sonic and knuckles

-Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Sonic are still trying to catch this dog.-
Amy: We're never gonna catch him!
Tails: This has been going on forever! We need a plan!
-They all stopped and started thinking of a plan to somehow stop the dog. The saw them stop and stopped too. He walked over to them and dropped the Emerald. He looked as if he smiled and ran off into the forest.-
Amy: That was weird.
Tails: He was a stray. Everyone took one look at him and they didn't like him. He just wanted to have fun.
Knuckles: He wanted to have fun with a family.
Amy: Awww poor thing! I'll leave some कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला खाना for it...
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posted by Sonicfan67
Knuckles:I hear there's a helicopter coming to save survivors from mercey hospital.
(Grabs a Med kit and gun as quick as a flash and kicks the door open and a zombie trys to bite knuckles but sonic shoots the zombie in the head with an assault राइफल and a horde of zombies and silver eats KFC's chicken and a Boomer pukes on Amy and Amy pukes on silver pukes on knuckels and knuckels and sonic pukes)
Sonic:ok people stay away from the cars!
Knuckels:(shoots the car and the car alarm goes off)oops.
(a horde of zombies come in)
Sonic:you fucking retard!!!
Silver:(shoots the zombies from his butt)...
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Watch Sonic Tails And Knuckles Play The Maracas On एंजल Island
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opening cutscene
mario & sonic at the sochi 2014 olympic winter games
wii u
मूंगफली, मूंगफली का
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posted by ameliarose2002
The Dark Chaos Emeralds

By ameliarose2002

This is a प्रशंसक fiction for the chaos, and dark chaos power. It has a missed of SEGA Sonic world, Archie Sonic world, and ameliarose2002’s प्रशंसक fiction.

The chaos emeralds where made from the echidnas, throw same time, the echidnas started to die out(SEGA Sonic world). But after Sonic goes into अंतरिक्ष for a year(Archie Sonic world), the echidnas came back, and Dr.Finitevus cames back, but with a new line of power. After being locked in अंतरिक्ष for 10 years, he became white, and had the dark chaos power. He got Scourge the Hedgehog n’ Roug the Bat to help...
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posted by sonicxx
Oh great I'm one of the people who like couples. But one half of me wants to be normal again. If we have at least bout a fourth couples in this. If we talk about sometin new like...new characters and the sonic video games that would be awesome. Also द्वारा the way,people should log on और often. That would be fricken cool!!! I've already created bout 5 new characters in my sketch book. Soooo I sort of agree with the no couples at least if we have a little couples in a while. Please टिप्पणी दे to see if this is a good idea.
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